Theresa J. Thurmond Morris

Because we all are drawn in every direction we must realize that there are many levels of our being. We must first learn about our bodies, our minds, and our spirits.

We must learn to provide for ourselves and train our children.

We are important and we train beings on earth.

We are learners and explorers.

We have education on earth and formally in our schools.

We know that before we send our children out to survive on their own to be a citizen of the world that it is our responsibility as universal virtual citizens to teach the truth.

We teach our children in school about citizenship.

We instruct our universal virtual citizens or uvc’s how to become a better person and to be part of the whole world that we refer to as “WE THE PEOPLE.”

There is no “I” in Team is a popular way to say that when one joins others, we think as a team. But, there is no “WE” without the “I” in all of us. So this meaning is pointless unless the importance of each individual unit of the species is treated with admiration and respect. We are universal virtual citizens and our education should not stop as an I person on planet earth and this is where the education stops.

WE must learn to cooperate together as a species on this one planet, in one solar system, in one galaxy, in a cluster, of the web in stellar space. The clusters and super clusters are part of the grid or web in the dark matter. The dark matter has holes.

We know now that our super telescopes tell us we are one galaxy in the vast universe that goes out in our way of thinking for all time and eternity. There is no end in sight.

Therefore, we need to first address our universal virtual reality before we can proceed to meet officially the other intelligent beings from other galaxies.

WE are Universal Virtual Citizens (UVC)s.

Office of the [President, Governor/Mayor]


Global Proclamation of Universal Virtual Citizens

WHEREAS, our community and communities across America are welcoming many new neighbors,

friends, employees and citizens from countries and cultures throughout the world — people for whom

English is not their native language; and

WHEREAS, Americans have growing social, cultural and economic ties to the global community,

offering great opportunities but presenting new challenges as we seek to communicate with and

understand our international partners from different language and culture backgrounds; and

WHEREAS, studying other languages has been shown to contribute to increased cognitive skills, better

academic performance and a greater understanding of others, while also providing life-long learning

opportunities for people beyond school age; and

WHEREAS, proficiency in other languages enhances Americans´ career opportunities and provides

employers with a workforce with the necessary skills for an international marketplace; and

WHEREAS, foreign language educators are working cooperatively to promote the benefits of language

learning to students, parents, business, industry, health and social services leaders, and policy makers

throughout the nation; and

WHEREAS, language education in the 21st century includes a commitment to the study of long

sequences of world languages beginning in the early grades to enable students to develop the levels of

proficiency needed to effectively communicate with people from other cultures whether at home or

abroad; and

WHEREAS, language educators are urging the public to recognize the value of delivering better

education to our students, of expanding the cultural and literary horizons of adult learners, and of

strengthening America´s position and security around the world;

WHEREAS, our future depends on our total populations survival and understanding the world in which we live with a broader expansion of knowledge, communication, and information in Cyberspace; and

WHEREAS, we recognize that the date, December 21, 2012, 11:11 universal time will pass of over and around this planet and will be the first universal experience of any large global historical recognition,

NOW THEREFORE, I, (_______________, ________________) of _______________

name title town/county/state

do hereby proclaim 2009 as

The Year of Languages and

do hereby proclaim 2012 as

The Year of Universal Citizens

in ______________ and urge all universal virtual citizens to become familiar with the terms, services and benefits, in all languages and all countries of the world’s entire total universal virtual citizens languages as one species.

We desire to share this proclamation with not just the citizens of the United States of America but with all countries and people of planet earth.

We desire to send this not only to our President of the United States to discuss with others at the G20 meeting in September, 2009 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but to continue to discuss the entire universal virtual citizens and their new Persona’s in cyberspace on the Internet and World Wide Web.

We desire new economic programs to support financial funding in all our schools and homes in America for future economic and environmental changed for our future to come.

We offer this as a proclamation proposal of all citizens of the world in all locations;

We ask each being on the Internet in Cyberspace to share this level of knowledge with all the citizens that they know, network and communicate information with in their perspective locations on earth. This can be sent to world leaders of both the eastern and western hemispheres,in countries, regions,towns/counties/states of America.

We ask that all languages and knowledge of the entire universe be offered by language education programs in our state and community and to support and

participate in these programs to gain proficiency not only in English, but in other languages as used in the social networks as well.

We acknowledge languages offered for free on the Internet and feel that if a language is used in Cyberspace and on the Internet that it should be taught free of charge on virtual reality with our avatar persona’s recognized in coordination with our computer identification and codes.

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and caused to be affixed the Great Seal of the United States of America on this _______day of ____________________,2009.

or (City/County/State) of _________________ this _______day of ______________, 2009.

There will be a plan and process of instruction for those interested in expanding the global consciousness. We are expanding our universal knowledge to include all beings of all species.



To proclaim in Cyberspace on the Internet and World Wide Web that we proclaim we are an intelligent being species from Stellar Space be it where our God or Higher Power, or Creator may have originated. We claim that we are to take time to be one species on a certain day at a certain time each year with an Inspired Media Proclamation for all on planet earth. We are a last generation prior to the new world awakening to universal space time. We will be the witnesses of historical global change. The World Leaders and the United Nations should take it upon the G20 meeting in September sponsored in Pittsburgh, United States of America to formulate a new awareness celebration of anew. Proclamation. I respectively strongly suggest that the world celebrate our ancient ancestors world wide each year by the time our ancestors brought forth as a new time for renewal and reflection on this planet as news in a positive light. XXX
To proclaim in Cyberspace on the Internet and World Wide Web that we proclaim we are an intelligent being species from Stellar Space be it where our God or Higher Power, or Creator may have originated.
We claim that we are to take time to be one species on a certain day at a certain time each year with an Inspired Media Proclamation for all on planet earth.
We are a last generation prior to the new world awakening to universal space time.
We will be the witnesses of historical global change. The World Leaders and the United Nations should take it upon the G20 meeting in September sponsored in Pittsburgh, United States of America to formulate a new awareness celebration of anew. Proclamation. I respectively strongly suggest that the world celebrate our ancient ancestors world wide each year by the time our ancestors brought forth as a new time for renewal and reflection on this planet as news in a positive light.
I propose to the people of the world that we celebrate together a certain time.
That at the exact time or point of origin being all at the time that according to our International Time Zones that is divided into 24 time zones, each 15 Degrees longitude wide we each take a moment of time in 60 second increments as minutes on the best time piece afforded the entire world population do celebrate together at the following time in memory of all our ancient ancestors who have come to earth before us.
That on the day known as December 21, 2012, 11:11 that the whole entire species in all languages, in all locations, of all cultures, of all traditions be asked to take a moment for prayers, meditation, and cease fire as a moment of war and peace to reflect on how far we have come as one species. This time of reflection can be the same as some on earth have been known to reflect a day celebrated as New Years Day.
This proclamation will be sent to the President of the United States to be presented in September at the G20 Summit for New Business put before the Board of Directors of a New Global Alliance to assist in future infrastructure of goodwill for the entire species.
Inspiring World Media to the calling and election in education awareness of what is called the Ascension Awakening Celebration of our Ancient Ancestors.
I, Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris, being of sound mind and judgment put forth this personal request as a spiritual United States Citizen to the President of The United States of America, President Barack Obama. I hereby make a request to the United States of America to personally endorse this Global Community Proclamation as a Global Ambassador of Goodwill for the Greater Good of the Entire Earth Species. The next generation being born will be the new spiritual souls coming to earth. We will plan and rejoice over these new beings like never before. The new spirits coming to earth will arrive at a space time that our ancestors predicted when we will have DNA, RNA, GENOME, RETINA signatures on file for every being born.
In other words, the world will herald in the new global divination of the new class beings. The Obama World Solar System that includes earth and the species on it! Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris commonly known as an Extraterrestrial Oracle Messenger for the Supreme Council shares this knowledge with those who will hear and for those who can see let them see. For those who cannot hear and see learn from those who can. This is a new Proclamation. Proclamation of Prediction for the year of Obama World 2012.
These beings will be born both male and female when the planet will be entering a time when cultural, gender, race, and social class discrimination will have ended.
On December 21, 2012, 11:11 the planet earth will become recognized to have obtained a new galactic class heraldry home to a homo genus species of ascension sentient intelligent beings.
American Culture International Relations also known as ACIR will begin the new generation education with an arts and sciences awareness coalition. There is a truth in all beginnings. We are those who are now these children of earth’s ancestors.
The defining moment of the first spiritual soul being born on this planet and the first newborn that enters each continent the first second after this recorded date and time in history will be recorded above and below.
It will be up to the entire global population to participate in the new global community alliance.
We will all be a participant with our own brains as part of the new defining moment of the brane in stellar space and defining the new space time continuum.
How does the whole world participate in one exact moment as an entire enlightened species on one planet in space all at the same defining moment.
We are all important every single being on earth. We are all part of all living things. There is a reason for all things, all beings, and all creations. There is a purpose to being on earth as a citizen of the intelligent being species.
It is my duty as a citizen of the earth, having came and went, have lived, died, and lived again to proclaim that at one particular point in time on this planet we will all become equal. We are all the same but at one particular point in time created on this planet by our ancient ancestors, we will have become enlightened as all one intelligent being species.
We will be recorded and welcomed above in the alliance of all galaxies in space in this universe.
Because the “I” in each intelligent being is simply a way to communicate information of a single unit also known as a universal virtual citizen in the Universal Alliance.
The “I” is also known as the “WE”. The world is now preparing to accept that there are others all over the planet with the same needs to survive. The planet and citizens who are considered the world leaders will adopt the way the world is today versus the way the world will become.
This is a new time, a new space race, and a new way to handle the world. There will be a new reform and a new restructuring.
This will include all beings regardless of the gender, ethnic origin, faith, religion, social upbringing, culture, group, community, region, city or town location, social class, country, and even the incarcerated. There will be a global truce and all warring nations will declare a truce for this time as it passed over and around the planet earth.
The planet will see a new day coming as the new horizon that welcomes the new beginning on the way we keep time. All time pieces are to be reset for historical purposes and reasons in the spiritual world of which we are recognized in body-mind-spirit.
There are many spirits in this world. There are many beings incarcerated. We have both good and bad beings the same as we have good and bad spirits here on this planet. The good spirits are considered of the positive energy magnetism. The bad spirits are considered of the negative energy in magnetism.
Like attracts like and we need both in order to be humankind in a positive and negative world with light and darkness. Life does revolved around the sun this is true and we need the sun in order to survive. In the past our ancestors that were born on earth worshipped the sun with good reason for they saw without the sun there was no life on earth in all the various forms. Some knowledge put into concepts, precepts, and perspective makes sense in the time and place where the first thoughts were perceived by one in the “I” that came to be accepted as the “WE”. We are all one in many respects that can be shared as a species in a universal class planet that sustains life. We are the one planet in our solar system with intelligent beings. We are not the only solar system that sustains life. There is a difference in the I and We in the philosophical and spiritual sense of the words.
We tend to separate those who have committed sins as crimes against others. There is a saying on earth that used words among our ancient ancestors. Some beings have been remembered for their work, words, teaching, and sayings on earth. For what reason one might ask? It is because it was time on earth to accept a higher order and way of thinking and for some this meant accepting and believing. One can only be as one allows inside and out. This is the destiny of a single unit. The single unit or vessel of spirit may not be aware of the spiritual connection to all beings and all living things. It is time for this knowledge to become awareness. With all living things not just in this solar system but in others.
Judge not lest ye be judged. This one way of being deals with morals and ethics on this planet. We have all committed this act of one to another in the past based on our ancestors teachings to those who come to earth waging war and peace.
For a day in the courts is better than a thousand. I had rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God, than to dwell in the tents of Wickedness. .Ps. 84:10
So Judas did to Christ: but he, in twelve, Found Truth in all but one; I, in twelve thousand, none. Shakespeare, RII 4.1. 70
Don’t throw stones at your neighbors if your own windows are glass. Benjamin Franklin
For the butterfly, mating and propagation involve the sacrifice of life, for the humans, the sacrifice of beauty. Goethe
The news of the Sun aligning with the Black Hole in the Middle of our Galaxy has been foretold by our ancient ancestors and is in many myths, legends, stories of our native Indians on this planet.
Prepare for the worst and hope for the best is a faith based saying among those who believe in a God. Regardless of what one believes inside their own lost soul, we are all the same in body-mind-spirit creation as a species. It is not time for our purpose to be known to all as one intelligent being species. There is a divine order and purpose to life when all that occurs is shared in confidence to carry on the divine purpose of being.
I like all am only one. I am only one unit or being on the planet we call earth. I like all others was born. I like all others desire to live. I like all others desire to know. I like all others will welcome the changes to occur in my life while I am among the living.
I am only one person like all others are here to learn the balance of life in a positive and negative energy world. I seek to find that which I am. I accept that I am that I am. I know that my essence is energy and that I am a part of all there is. I know the difference between being spiritual energy essence inside a mind and body versus a spiritual essence energy outside the mind and body of this vessel I use to remain at this level of life among others as one species. We are all searching for answers. Don’t shoot the messenger, I just call them the way I see them. TJ Morris tm ACIR – ET ORACLE FOR OBAMA WORLD.
American Culture International Relations – Advisory Counsel Intergalactic Civilizations. “Keeper of the Flame” has proclaimed Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris, ORACLE, known as TJ MORRIS tm ACIR in this reincarnation as the Patroness of Legends and Myths. Legends and Myths are used when the truth is to dangerous to share and tell.
It is hereby proclaimed that the whole world will be watching and participating on the planet Earth date December 21, 2012, 11:11 at which time the sun our of Earth’s solar system will align with the center of our Milk Way Galaxy known as a Black Hole.Office of the [Governor/Mayor]
WHEREAS, our community and communities across America are welcoming many new neighbors,
friends, employees and citizens from countries and cultures throughout the world — people for whom
English is not their native language; and
WHEREAS, Americans have growing social, cultural and economic ties to the global community,
offering great opportunities but presenting new challenges as we seek to communicate with and
understand our international partners from different language and culture backgrounds; and
WHEREAS, studying other languages has been shown to contribute to increased cognitive skills, better
academic performance and a greater understanding of others, while also providing life-long learning
opportunities for people beyond school age; and
WHEREAS, proficiency in other languages enhances Americans’ career opportunities and provides
employers with a workforce with the necessary skills for an international marketplace; and
WHEREAS, foreign language educators are working cooperatively to promote the benefits of language
learning to students, parents, business, industry, health and social services leaders, and policy makers
throughout the nation; and
WHEREAS, language education in the 21st century includes a commitment to the study of long
sequences of world languages beginning in the early grades to enable students to develop the levels of
proficiency needed to effectively communicate with people from other cultures whether at home or
abroad; and
WHEREAS, language educators are urging the public to recognize the value of delivering better
education to our students, of expanding the cultural and literary horizons of adult learners, and of
strengthening America’s position and security around the world;
NOW THEREFORE, I, (_______________, ________________) of _______________
name title town/county/state
do hereby proclaim 2005 as
The Year of Languages
in ______________ and urge all citizens to become familiar with the services and benefits
offered by language education programs in our state and community and to support and
participate in these programs to gain proficiency not only in English, but in other languages as
IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and caused to be affixed the Great Seal
of the (City/County/State) of _________________ this _______day of ______________, 200 .
By: Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris
This is an introduction to the space of the time travelers that are called Ascension Agashans. There are metaverses laws that exist outside of universal laws that exist outside the laws of nature. Unification is all about the acceptance of expansion of change that is metaverses in nature while we are on earth. We use our species on earth as simply a point of origin in triangulation of thought which exists as energy that goes forever in space-time on sound waves.
There are few words that can be shared in music and sound that have not already been used. I know that when we sing that we connect notes that can be seen in sheet music. The notes that we presently used are accepted as a language we use in music. The way we speak the language of sound in music is only one formula that can be used in science. We use songs in music and notes in various time formulas to create lyrics that attach to the tune or musical notes. We connect the words with the notes and on this planet that is expanding, spinning, wobbling, and vibrating at the same time, we Agashans know that we all share a common reality that is an accepted way of being while here in space time. We are in agreement that we will share the bubbles we call universes that together are called metaverses. We know that in between the lines and spaces is the connection of the song of dimensions. We stay clear of the black holes which connects or ties the metaverses together. The song that is pieced together with bars has various time frames that are created. There is presently a 4 beats per measure that equals quarter notes.
We Agashans of the metaverses are writing a new song. Agashans can exist in various galaxies which are the notes that exist on the various strings of the universes songs. Science will be able to come up with an equation that is a unification or song based on all the metaverses that are expanding. Consider the galaxies only parts of the notes that sit on the lines that are separated by bars that have a tempo we call speed of sound and light at the same time yet the speed of sound travels faster than the speed of light.
This will be taught in the next twenty years while this Agashan Shaman Metaphsician Oracle is still in physical form in agreement with others who are magnetized to connect to me and my personal song.
I personally am looking toward Michio Kaku to explain what I know. I chose him and cannot explain to other scientists why except that this is just part of who I am for my sound communication.
This could change because my decision is a variable in who I connect too in my bubble.
There is now wobble, warp membranes shortened to brane and our energy that we call mass, space, time, in the space time continuum will have to be explained but not before December 21, 2012 11:11 when those who are in tune with the brane will get the big aha that reaches bountifully past that which we call the string theory.
The best way that I can explain this as a space time traveler is how I view the met averse while existing outside and inside my physical reality we refer to as the body-mind-spirit. The body-mind spirit exists.
We all know this. We know that we can all cluster cells based on prior cluster cells with the memory of creation. What gives the creation memory is used in what we call DNA and RNA and in nuclear philosophy stratosphere.
We all know now that there is more than planets that revolve around the sun. We all know that there are more galaxies in this universe that revolve around something wider and much bigger than the expansion of the God Particle.
Because we now understand that there is more expanding outwardly as we peel off our own skin or shed our own cells the energy that many are searching for to find the words to explain other words, work, worlds, galaxies, and universes is the energy that connects us all through sound.
We all know that gravity, magnetism, energy, and mass as matter and antimatter exists in space-time.
We are all aware that wormholes are made when we take the brane and bend it to meet just like we can here a not played from a trumpet. Take this world that nature tunes to E flat on the scale of 8 lines in music. Now take the lines in music next to each other which creates the spaces. There are 7 spaces between these lines. That is 15 place markers in a musical scale. 15 is the magical number we use to create the space time fabric we call a grid or matrix that we call our universe.
Time travel is more than a two or three dimensional way of thinking. Sound is energy that like all else that exists in this universe.
We now know that we can send sound as music faster than the speed of light. This gives us a new way to evolve our past way of thinking about light when we add sound as speed of light. We have now taken the speed of light as Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, E=MC2 and added the infinity squared that creates the infinity sign of figure 8 to become one part of an equation. Now take the opposing infinity sign or 8 and place it inside the equation as well which some call a pretzel in the space time fabric that allows worm holes which are the spaces in between these lines or in linear time as we think of the speed of light.
Space time fabric bends just like when our galaxy falls on the grid or brane. Each galaxy is expanding while the universe is expanding. The galaxies can lie flat as they rotate and expand at the same time which with all three directions that we call three dimension are expanding at the same time and bending space in a way that comes around ever so often but this can be predicted while being travelers in space.
There is one law that cannot be predicted that creates black holes or pinholes that drop from this one stretch of fabric like the grid of a trampoline.
This universe of the layers and expansions has laws that allow for the sound to travel in lines or in the space in-between the string theory. The web or grid needs the space in-between the strings that make up the membrane which is actually stationary as there is a universe stacked above and below in the met averse.
The black holes are where the galaxies are tied above and below and where nothing escapes the darkness of the gravity forces that pull from one universe into another.
Those who we share this universe with as other intelligent beings use the wormholes to travel in this universe from one galaxy to another.
However, they avoid all black holes in space that can be predicted, seen, and avoided know to attach universes above and below.
Think of it as the universe is tied together with other metaverses that are the legs and in the grid we call the 4 legs the forth dimensions of met universes.
When we build a universe we have a pyramid structure with a bottom as the base of what we call the below dimension. We have the three sides of what we call three dimensions of time space and connection or when we refer to our physical reality in body-mind-spirit, we say that we need, sleep, exercise, and nourishment to sustain our existence. Inside the pyramid is the all that exists in various ways of thinking. The point at the top of the pyramid is where we can join the three sides and the space inside that is set upon a base or membrane.
In the universe that we build or create there will be outside forces that exist in order to have space. In a way we can call the space the circles created with the lines or what some have called the string theory.
The string theory is only part of the equation. One has to add the space our whole theory that is created in between the string theory that guides the strings of the grid in the brane that can bend which we use in space time to equate to the matrix or grid that we perceive as the universe or trampoline. That our galaxy and others bounce around on.
So, if one can imagine that there are many beings, entities or beings bouncing around on the trampoline we call a universe then one can understand that we call create the bends in the space time fabric brane of the trampoline that is connected to other multiverses by way of an above and below as dimensions. We are expanding based on the other expansions happening at the same time while the universe is expanding based on the energy that is created from the galaxies bouncing around on the universal trampoline.
In order for us to get from one trampoline to another we first must understand the connection or force that causes one universe to exist above and below while being connected with the four corners or legs of al trampolines we call the four dimensions.
On earth in nature we use the four elements as our legs which are air, fire, wind, earth. Magnetism is one of the laws in the universes which changes directions ever so often in what we call space time. Energy we know goes forever and the gravity force that is obvious and has been used in most all of Newton and Einstein’s equations is now used with that of Maxwell as to why electricity can effect magnetism. The one ingredient that was left out of the electricity effects magnetism on a compass as a directional tool was that when lightning strikes it makes sound.
There have been many beings working on unification or the unified field of everything. They simply have to add the missing fourth ingredient that is sound. We call music sound and the music is now the way we will go forward and evolve into the next level past the Newton-Einstein-Maxwell-Kaku combined theory to work in the fourth dimension. We can call the N + E+ M + K equal to what we already call the A +E + F + W of time we share as existence of the four elements. After all, the theory of everything is only a way to communicate through sound as perception so that we can all synergize our whole unified theory.
Agashan Shaman Oracles are trained to use all elements in alchemy and in metaphysics. Ontology, the study of being used all the magic of mathematical formula as in Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Physics, and Quantum Theory. We those who are about the study of being are the observers that understand that there does not have to be an observer with sight when we can hear sound waves with our spirit and soul and do not have to use our physical bodies. After all, the physical bodies do not exist in our reality most of the time.
Some call life on earth the Matrix. Web, grid, matrix are basically just words. It is the meaning that gives the connotation of time and reality. The explanations may not be accurate enough for the common reader with an eighth grade education but that was the level of knowledge restored to readers by the government levels set in time before I became a technical writer on earth. The web can be considered the Electronic Internet Web (EIW) or it can be much more in the spiritual sense of the word web. I am about sharing how to bend time as a time traveler that believes in extraterrestrials, unidentified flying objects, and God. Let me explain why. First we have to all want to live and learn. Living to learn is the basic ingredient of what we do and who we are as individual units. We call these units at this time body-mind-spirits or intelligent beings belonging to the bi-peddle species.
We use the Web for being human. The web is a grid in space time that houses all matter. Matter can be related to light, dark, antimatter, particles, ultraviolet, sound, magnetic pulses, energy, god particle, and all that is or ever will become. This is a broad spectrum of theory of analysis. Throwing thoughts out to the universe is part of the web and is caught in what we now refer to as a space time grid of the ET UFO GOD. Sounds like some science fiction words. Let me explain. There will be many lessons forthcoming that we have to understand before we can get past the string theory. Many of the people who are not interested in life, matter, space time continuum and cannot understand the language created by scientists will have to use the word God for the understanding they will get from these goods and service upon delivery. There is no guarantee that what this writer intended to convey in communication was accepted with the same meaning and terms by the receiver.
The basic energy from one unit to another can be sent as a sending unit. The basic energy of the one unit that is receiving can be seen as a receiving unit. There are other parts of the mathematical equation in algorithms that has to be considered that does effect the source of all things, including time in the grid or web of which all the met verses as met verses or multiverses exist. We must first realize that our way of being and thinking is based on what our species created long before we came to earth. The thought process of sending and receiving energy became linear or on a time line created by others. This was based on how the world seems to change based on the location in space. The earliest of our species kept up with change on earth based on nature and how their need to fulfill certain basic needs were met. The ones who came to earth before us and in the oldest terms of reality that are kept in the oral and written laws, stories, and rules were of the hunters and gatherer types.
We referred to the oldest known beings in various terms and words in what we now refer to as anthropology and archaeology. I work in an area called ontology. The meaning of being in words. Therefore, words are tools of my trade in order to communicate as a technical writer for teaching in art, culture, education, and folklife.
Words cause explosions of neurons, protons, electrons, and chemicals firing at the synapses of brains that work where we keep our minds and thoughts.
We can thank our religions on earth for assisting us to get this far in life with words and time. It was the monks at one time on earth that borrowed from the Greeks and brought the dripping water clocks into their lives during the Middle Ages so they would know when certain prayers were to be performed.
Clocks were made from sun dials as the sun crossed the sky, water dripping slowly from a vessel, and even candles burning through markers. Then there were the balance wheels weights and pendulums. We then had a breakthrough from the mechanical wheels into quartz clocks which have electronically induced vibrations of quartz crystal. This is not all that we use quartz crystal for because we use it in sound and in laser technology but that is another story. It was approximately 1949 two years before I came to earth that atomic clocks were accepted with microwave resonance as atoms and now here I am. The Book called Boom Goes Sonic Reality is just one achievement you are reading now as the future optical atomic clock of ultraviolet resonance of atoms while we bend time and thoughts to explain the future. There will be time on earth that will allow us to feel the future in ways that we can understand the way that life is to become in the next evolution of our species.
There are those of us knowing that we are part of the inventions that have not yet been done. We are part of whatever the mind can believe and conceive it can achieve. I am here to assist everyone in improving communication of space navigation and science, physics, and technology with a new way to think in the WEB. We are all here to be a part of those spirits that will descend to earth in the future. We are the creators working together as spirit synergistically as one unit.
God can be anything one wants God to be. God can be an acronym for Good on Delivery. God is a real part of each being, each unit of energy. God is what holds our thoughts together inside of our body-mind-spirit. God is so much more than what we have been led to believe on earth. God is a word with the meaning of all.
The story of GOD has been one that has never dissipated as energy. God then we can accept as the one word that has the most powerful meaning on earth. The second most powerful word is the Holy Spirit. For those who were brought up and programmed to believe in a religion, most will have some type of familiarity as to what the Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost means to their family and friends. Each culture and peer group has their own way of understanding words that are used in common.
When we speak of God, the energy becomes exhilarated. There are beings that do not believe in a God or the word God but when one mentions the word God even an atheist will feel the charge the energy that flows forth to and from the person speaking the word to the world. The energy that is charged in the word GOD is the most powerful word we own in the world today. There are over 2 names for the word God on this planet we call earth and counting. Yes, we are still inventing new ways to speak the meaning of the word God. I say God is an alien in an essay or story for an electronic magazine on the Internet for UFO Digest and it’s owner Dirk Vander Ploeg and there were comments that were filled with positive and negative words. Words that had meaning. Words that had emotions.
Just like time on earth regarding how we live on a daily basis, there are words that affect all of us on a daily basis. Words are for most beings on earth how we communicate. Words represent our spirit and our souls when we use them. Words are our way of communicating with one another. Words are how old and sustaining stories come to life. Words are what can give credence to our souls in life. The surface of our own atmosphere can be changed with the way we dress up our physical bodies.
Words can be dressed up as well. The surface of who we are, what we are, when we are, where we are, why we are, and sometimes how much energy we are can be deceiving to others. The Cradle of Civilization Book is the promise that will shake up the source of what life represents to those who lived a memorable life on earth. Most of us will never achieve the level of existence that Jesus or Mohamed did while here on earth. They were said to be chosen mouthpieces of prophets of God. Free speech is a wonderful part of our being that goes with free will. Then there is free choice the freedom to choose. Otherwise, we could not function as separate units of energy or spirit in a body-mind-spirit vessel of containment unit.
God is where the body-mind-spirit meets the mind. Jesus once said that it was the mind that stands between the spirit and the physical body. Let me say that he said it and meant this in a time when people were trying to grasp what he was teaching about people above earth. It was a challenging and daunting task. Teachers that have come and gone in the body-mind-physical form on earth are sometimes referred to as seers and avatars. Some are said to be obtaining information where they visit in meditation while still existing in body-mind-spirit on earth. They do this with their spirit energy. The spirit energy is the one part of God that flows in all of us. God is the word accepted as the part of us that deals with the Holy Spirit. Jesus was predicted as the coming of God to earth once again. It was passed down as a story on earth in oral and written form that there would be a time when those in heaven or celestial stellar space would return to earth to walk with our species.
Many people who know me as a psychic, seer, oracle are happy to share their time with me. We don’t speak of God. We speak of time. Time now is about mind bending and bending time. There is only way that I will be available to assist others in the future and that is on the Internet Computer. At one time in life I was trying to explain to others in business how computers worked before they existed. This made others look at me funny. I got into a time slot where I forgot my manners and did not remember what time frame I was in as a time traveler. I was in Honolulu, Hawaii and needed my corporation computer to speak to the computers in my office in Los Angeles, New York and Atlanta. I had others in Dallas that needed to know what I desired in the eco-fashion business that I had created. I was giving orders to my accountant who was adding software and a modem to my computer in 1990. He was listening to me explain how it could be done and it made sense to him. He forgot what he was supposed to be doing charging me an hourly fee and began listening to my needs and what I expected of him and my computer. He then after being considerably intrigued explained to me that I was ahead of my time and that what I asked was not possible. I asked him why not and he explained to me that what I desired had not been invented yet. He explained to me that he had heard from very secretive reliable sources that is was in the making and said I must have heard the same thing since I worked for the government at the time. This was a wake up call to me. I had once again crossed over in my mind and in time where mind bending thought effects space and time in my own world.
We all have a world in which we live. I call mine the TJ Morris Media World for obvious reasons. This is not accurate enough but it serves the purpose when one has to relate to others in real time about thoughts that are non-existent in their public lives. My restless soul sometimes connects the dots before they are ready to be connected and revealed to outside sources in my world. Sometimes I get anxious and want to speed up my reality on this planet. I sometimes forget that change takes time.
For those that want more in the TAKEN UP Series presented by myself and Dirk Vander Ploeg, one will simply have to tune in. This idea was from others before Dirk wanting me to tell my story on how I became a psychic medium oracle while being visited by aliens making me a contactee. The book that American Book Publishers is sending me a contract for is based on all my alien contact experiences. Added to these of course will be the last chapter that speaks of UFO Digest and how I became known in the public eye as an Alien Contactee in the ET UFO paranormal community. The readers of mine are getting to know me as a being first hand by reading the articles I write. This is a good way to get a feel for a spirit that abides on earth with another while here in this plane of existence. Savor the moments we have should be understood. Living to learn and learning to live is the task up for grabs by us all. After all the one thing we all have in common is energy synergistically spiritually as one as in God.
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There will be new rewards offered to those who in vest in our future in America. We have some concerns as always about our people in the trenches and the grass root Americans that make up this country.
American Culture International Relations is important to the entire global economy. The health care system is important to all but in order to sell the American Dream we must assure our own American People that we can still inspire others with our Entrepreneurs. It is the entrepreneurs that are working together in the Cloud Formations above in the Akashic Field of Importance and Inspiration.
We entrepreneurs are those who see the light at the end of the tunnel. We are the ones that philanthropists look at to become Angels in this lifetime. Yes, we have real angels in this reality and they are the beings that have high hopes and beliefs in making the world a better place to live and exist while we as lost souls learn to grow, explore, and share in our level of learning. We are here on earth to expand not only our own consciousness with learning the purpose of higher consciousness through synergism but making the world a better place to live environmentally and economically.
The motto or warrior yell for the next 100 days on earth and the next 100 days for God will be “Health and Prosperity for ALL”
People ask me what the extraterrestrials wish or bid adieu with as one leaves their presence in the celestial world while one is in stellar space and space time as a space traveler. Being that these beings are Supreme Beings in my eyes and are the Majestic Twelve that run the alliance for all the civilized galaxies in this universe the last words are always the same, “Health and Prosperity”.
The way that we should assist the entire global community is with health and prosperity as well. Whatever it takes to achieve this level of existence for the entire species should be the goal.
There are several things we can do with the whole world while we decide to do our part. Many beings are getting the spiritual calling to “Do Something”. They are not being told in their spirit exactly what to do. They are just getting the psychic telepathic spiritual message to do something.
People are emailing me and letting me know that they are getting this message and desire some guidance. I believe the message is clear but since so many people know that I am the Keeper of the Flame they are asking for more clarification in this reality from another spiritual being that has come and gone from this life with a connection to other levels of existence. To many who do not believe in psychic mediums we are also called Life Coaches, and to others in scientific terms we are called Remote Viewers who deal with science and technology and are considered visionaries for entrepreneurs.
The basics that I foresee that we need to address globally are how we deal with our freedom, choices we desire to make bit most of all, we need to be diligent and persistent in our focus of energy toward the areas that need the most help.
We will certainly have more storms and tornadoes around the world as this is the time and the present weather patterns are changing and somewhat different because of change in the worlds environment.
Since we cannot control the weather we must all apply the philosophy of prepare for the worst and hope for the best. More and more families are keeping their pantries stocked with at least three months of staples for nourishment, a good first aid kit, flash lights, kerosene lamps, camping equipment that include a tent with sleeping bags, and some are even keeping weapons for shooting animals if needed to survive. There have been people who are stocking up munitions which I do not believe they will need but if it makes them feel more secure and they are not breaking any laws then that is up to them. In America we all love our guns and our freedom to possess them.
There are many people who live in big cities that have to drive a long way to find a park or natural camp ground to enjoy the outdoors. The tourism may be dealing with campers only staying within a 100 mile radius because of the price of fuel. The tourism industries around the world may only see an upset over the next 100 days which by then in America we will see either a up or down swing in travelers who spend money each year sight seeing. There may be more people visiting museums and their local culture.
Regarding jobs there will be more corporations desiring to grow if they do not have to worry about paying higher prices in insurance and health care benefits. The actual employees want to cover their spouses and children but at the present time, they cannot afford their own expensive health care so the insurance companies and our government will have to finally decide whether to allow the American public to vote on issues before simply passing bills in the Executive Branch We will see that the President, Senate and Congress will be somewhat considerate to their constituents about what will change in the future including socialized medicine.
We are going to have to accept the fact that we will need more hospitals, retirement assisted living homes that are economical and affordable but yet nice with little garden patios and small kitchenettes for those who have retired but lost their nest eggs and are over sixty five years of age. The social security system and Medicare will be needed for all those who will soon be reaching retirement age and will have to be taken care of. Those who are President Obama’s age will not be so quick to do away with social security and retirement based on the fact that they do not have President Obama’s millions .
Economic issues are important not only in America but world wide. There are many countries that look much more modern and have built up their landscape and architecture to be more of what we expected the twenty-first century to look like. America now sees that we are behind the international time and date zone of what the people expected America to become by this time. Frank Lloyd Wright we needed in architecture in America or his counterparts in this century. Now that we have seen a stabilization in the housing market we need to set a standard of what we can obtain for the average three bedroom, two bath home with a family room, computer room, music room, and double garage. It will be more than $150,000 but we need to stabilize the standard home with all the best electronic equipment hook ups for digital televisions and multi electric plugs in the computer and family rooms. This means that we will want a home with more electrical outlets and lighting with the new bulbs. Solar panels will be included as an option in pricing arrangements while the world waits on wind and water turbine clean energy alternatives.
Coal and oil will still be the norm until we can obtain the way to provide wind when there is none available. Energy conservationists will become popular and will be exploring other options with futurists and entrepreneurs. There are many who are working on inventions that will bring popularity to science projects in school in the fall specially in science fairs which will probably increase in popularity with science and technology creating more jobs for college graduates.
Once we take care of the basics of the family and our homes, we can then think about more gadgets for ourselves. The gaming industry is taking off but so are the entrepreneurs who invent them. Software copyrights and companies that can sell on the Internet will become increasingly popular while ordering products on line will become the norm for many home shoppers as buyers. There will be more Americans learning to work and clock in their hours for work on their own home computers which can record their time and keystrokes while providing jobs from home to the service industry specially those who can assist others in customer service in the technologies of personal use products.
We will be encouraging building up communities from within with National Security jobs in the Border Patrol areas that include jobs in the border states. The electronic verification program will go into affect for all companies in America where corporate America will work with National Security through Homeland Security and the Social Security Administration as we all desire to not give up jobs to illegal immigrants. This now means without a real bonafide social security number that can be validated with the real persons thumb print for identification we will not be allowing people to work in jobs that require a bonafide paycheck with taxes withheld. There may still be general contractors paid in cash until there is a crack down on keeping up with paper for monetary exchange. More banks are going to offer more services to there customers to save time. There will be an increase in customer service as people will become choosy over who they give their hard earned money too. Social Networking is becoming increasingly popular as companies realize that people want to know who they can count on with logo and brand recognition.
Culture will become part of each countries recognition in the tourism industry. There will be more countries such as India, China, Turkey, and other small countries desiring to manufacture American products.
Countries will be competing with each other and many are already gearing up with broad band connections. Cell phones are the accepted way to communicate and to reach the Internet. Emails and Instant messaging with Twitter is becoming a normal way to communicate. The new Google way to collect like igoogle and icollect on services of only $1.00 and up to $5.00 will be used on the Internet to obtain certain information. Browsers will become known as will Google and Amazon on the Internet. Yahoo has teamed up with ATT so we can see how this works out on the Internet. Internet Collect will now become a way to send funds to others around the world. Music on the Internet for downloads becomes increasingly popular. Movies are here to stay as part of all countries culture that have a major city.
Education is important and will now be promoted and marketing will increase to share that we are never to old to learn and learning is continuous and we are always retooling and upgrading our minds and intellect. We will become a species of not only consumers, and explorers of the unknown but learners to be educated beyond our capacity to assimilate the knowledge. Therefore , we are going to accept that we will have computer chips that can be adapted in our brains to carry more information in our brains and not just in our cell phones, notebooks, and computers. Seven and ten inch screens for reading more electronic books will be used by all not just in school work at colleges but with all travelers on vacation, on the beach, while camping outdoors, sitting in airports, and traveling in general. There will be multiple ways to be entertained with our games and gadgets.
Social networking is becoming the way to promote one’s own interest, and business. There will soon be a way to separate the cyberspace reality world with friends on the Internet from those who are considered in 3D or third dimensional bodies. We will be accepting virtual reality as our own newly created personalities as avatars that are our Internet Image Personas that resemble our real physical faces that we used in real time 3D. Space time will become a reality in space and there will be more and more talk in the new science and technology jargon that will create new words not just in the music genre, and space genre but in every day Internet genre. There will be more keywords, tag lines, and headlines, and sublines.
There will be more websites than ever before with new ways to express our future creations on the Internet and with WI.
Automobiles will become of various breeds and kinds like classes of dogs in a Dog Show. We have car shows but now we will have various breeds of cars that include the new fuel efficient hybrids, electric cars, cars that mix batteries, and solar power, with old gasoline fuel back up. There will be a whole new generation of automobile designers of the future leaning toward the highway in the sky that will exist above all Interstate Highways within the next 10 0 years. There will be EL systems for fast commuting trains from one big city to another that will follow the Interstate Highway systems and the railway systems over the next 100 years. Guided automobiles will become the norm with computers becoming smarter about GPS tracking systems and where one can program one address to another via computer on their cars. There will be computer driven school buses to and from addresses that are listed with the schools to and from with security on board for policing the travel to and from the school and home security systems. Security systems will be on all schools and in most all homes with security cameras accepted all over the cities, schools, and all public places to and from locations in larger cities.
Rural towns will gradually include the closest Interstate System for public transportation in their chamber of commerce advertising on the Internet. Public Transportation to and from work will be expected in towns that want people who graduate college from the ages of twenty-five through thirty-five. Adults will be considered in two ways. Females who can bear children at puberty based on their maturation system will be classified and protection for unwanted pregnancies will be recorded in their school first aid offices. This will become a public awareness issue for those desiring unwanted pregnancies with the females approving birth control in various forms from the age a female reaches her physical maturation with menstruation cycles. This varies with females and a campaign to educate the entire global population about unwanted pregnancies and social solicitation of a practical nature will be employed globally.
There will be various portions of the world with avenues marked for commercial vehicles only on the Interstates for trucks and vans while the Interstate will have lanes for individuals and commuters only. This is already being done in some of the bigger cities and on the Interstates but this will be adopted as the new norm over the whole world. There will be more commercialization of long stretch shopping malls with indoor riding bands and escalators that can carry the carts for shoppers that are electric with lanes for riders up and down the malls all over the world. The new way to share in window shopping for future purchases on the Internet will be offered in all stores that exist during the transition to Internet purchases while some will still want to maintain a physical location for shoppers that will want a family outing with food, and movies still offered as the main food quarts with gaming and movie houses all in one main theater environment with electric light shows and music similar to Las Vegas all over the world. When one arrives into a country and clears customs one will then step into an immediate light show with large super video screens that offer all the services available to the travelers in that area and country while visiting. Personal Pleasure and Business Passports will be separate and colors that can easily be recognized that will become something like an International Driver’s License that will become part of a global community identification card that allows one to drive, shop, and have access to their electronic funds. One card for all needs while traveling will be how this will come into being through the United Nations Alliance.
The United Nations will become involved with global community until a newer organization that includes the entire global population becomes active and enforced with these new International Cards that can be used in computers and with broad band all over the world for recognition wherever one goes. This social security or federal identification number used in business will be adopted as the way we are all recognized.
Global Security Police will become the global security base of standardization with everyone that is born given a number of recognition with retina scan identification on the card that will match the eye and not the finger prints because finger prints can be changed. DNA will be on file for every being born on the planet. Stay tuned as more of the future predictions are revealed through the next 100 days leading up to December 21, 2012. Note: – A Sample of a Proclamation of all is below after story for those interested in presenting their own proclamation to their state governor or to the President of the United States of America.
We are all creators. The Global Community is now made up of Universal Virtual Citizens.= UVC.
UVC is the abbreviation for the entire species when used in plural. A Single unit UVC is simply one body-mind-pirit of the species. We also can be called Homo Sapiens, Homogenus species, intelligent beings species, bipeddles, starchildren, siblings of ancient ancestors, beings from space, seeded light beings sent to earth from another location in stellar space and some call variations of the earth species as remnants of various alien civilizations.