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ET Contactees- Dragon Heart Spirit – Compass Morainn

Cyrellys Geibhendach is a female array with a gift that both Christians and Pagans alike applaud as the “Gift of Oration with Words”.
Cyrellys has held fast to her convictions and beliefs through these troubled times on earth.
Cyrellys founded the group of folk who believe in the faculty of believing in what is right and wrong and recognizing the distinction between the two in one’s own conduct.
And I quote Cyrellys a woman with a strong heart to stand up for what is right and in light of all of us who are ET Contactees and truth sayers of exopolitics:
“This is why mediators stand apart from those who would seek separate courses. This why mediators work to maintain outreach and support to Insiders. This is why we support an opportunity toward an integrated future where the full force of human capacity, innovation, skill, and potential may be applied together to the greatest evolutionary development we as a collective; a planet; a people, have ever encountered. And this is why so many of us are American Patriots. We DO NOT BELIEVE ourselves to be a nation of cowardice and conformity! The heart of the Contact Paradigm is happening here. And this is why so much of the effort in the struggle for the positive nature and spirit of this world is centered here too. In this time of great need, we are reachable. And we will hold the bridge open. We are Standing!”
We seek to resolve conflict between two or more parties and remain independent of both or all and yet are connected because of the spirit of our essence that we are all made of when we get down to the smallest particles of energy that binds and bonds us all.
The word DIRK means a kind of dagger which is what our founder at UFO Digest has been named along with his first name PETER which is the ROCK of which the Christian church was founded upon. Words can and do take on more meaning and understanding when we know more about what they mean The spirit behind words and the work we do is what in ancient times was called the “DRAGON HEART SPIRIT”. – visit me at etspirit.org.

Cyrellys Geibhendach has an interesting name and named her group Compass Morainn which began because of Cyrellys who is a Mediator of Truth as we in the critical mass consciousness believe in a truth that is real.
Cyrellys to me is a woman with a gift who should be dealing with those such as Ken Cherry of MENSA MINDS. Ken Cherry is a man and a mediator and has been a leading spokesperson for MUFON in TEXAS>
Now is the time for Mediators to welcome the assistance of all those who are in the knowing of being called Lightworkers and Truth Seekers. James Carrion the former leader of the MUFON International group has left MUFON and is now a self proclaimed TRUTHSEEKER!
I too claim to be one of those who relates to all these words and titles and I don’t care what I am called but as we say in the south just don’t call me late for dinner! (That is the best humor I can offer on such a somber note.)
The moral and ethical side of our lives is being questioned and it is time to share that which we all want to know in the consciousness circle of light which we call truth. It is said that the truth will set us free.
I am an ET Contactee and I have learned that in the ancient past to be proclaimed either a Christian or Pagan would get one killed.
Therefore it is much for one to step up and be counted as one of my friends on earth since I am an ET Contactee. I thank Cyrellys Geibhendach and Ed Komarek who have bothered to stick by me when the going gets tough and have always allowed me to believe in my truth and to learn about theirs. We share a common goal and that is to be Orators and Mediators in that which is now called Exopolitical Mediation. We know that dichotomy is a part of being humanoids as sentient intelligent beings on earth. Dichotomy goes with any terra forming terrain and the society of a civilization that will be called to dwell upon it.
It is now time to call all those who will desire to stay and be a part of the civilization of earth aka Gaia and to challenge those who feel chosen to leave and follow the path to other terra formed planets with a mission and purpose of taking on meaning in words and work elsewhere with the discovery and exploration of our humanoid sentient intelligent being species.
There are many of us who are sharing in the various levels, places, planes, and dimensions inside our minds where the true spirit of self may find the wisdom of our own elixir that combines with all the others in the sea of life we call wisdom.
Wisdom is still wisdom no matter where it is found There are many seas of wisdom and we ourselves all travel in our separate array as the boats called body-mind-spirits having the birth-life-death experience while travelling on the high sea of wisdom we call enlightenment. Search out all the treasure that is hidden in the mind. Seek to find and be willing to see, feel, hear, touch, smell, taste, and be ready to add all the other incoming ingredients from others who have the similar talents.
I remain a servant of humankind while on this planet and I hope to be one who is seen on the bridge of eternal enlightenment as one of those who were chosen as one of the Compass Morainn Mediators.
Love and Light
TJ – SEE CYRELLYS ON COMPASS MORAINN and ON UFO DIGEST.com along with ED and myself. 

Why? The Question of Compass Morainn

An Open Letter Response to the Question:
I have been asked why we here at Compass Morainn come together and stand in mutual support of the work of our fellow active mediators. Why do we support efforts in communication, outreach, and an insider desire for evolution out of secrecy or corrupt policy held illicitly over the history and real time events experienced by insiders of extraterrestrial contact?
The reason is because we here as active Mediators and Facilitators have asked ourselves if doing nothing, while a thousand voices keen in the night, is the same as deciding in favor of submission to corruption, tyranny, and the destruction of human potential. Our collective belief is that if we do not fight on our feet for the future of humanity then we will live for only a short time longer without a doubt, upon our knees before our complete destruction.
Mediators have defined themselves through their work and outreach as the first and the last to cross the bridges between truths enabling the passage of the willing. They fight to hold those bridges open that any who seek may find truth, liberty, safe haven, and Cicero’s Natural Law that says all rights are given to us by a divine power and no one can take those rights away.
Former US marine sergeant Charles Dyer said in a speech named “The Right To Defend” which is counted among many US citizens, as one of the greatest speeches on the subject of the lack of motivation of the people of America to retain the freedoms fought for so hard by the forefathers, that “whether you believe in a maker or not it doesn’t matter as (it’s) an undeniable fact that our country was founded on this by both Christians and Pagans alike…”
There is a movement afoot among grassroots exopoliticians and ufologists to move forward with the Contact Paradigm without the Insiders and their experiences, knowledge, and history.
There is an apparent movement afoot with the ‘aware’ PTB to move forward with the Contact Paradigm without the Public and allow humanity to suffer through unambiguous extraterrestrial Contact within a state of Contact-Cold-Turkey without release and dissemination of experience, knowledge, and tools that could assist humanity in a time of great personal questions, social engineering, corruption, and governmental tyranny to maintain power and control in the face of unambiguous contact.
There are people inside this paradigm who do not believe in tyranny. Who yearn for freedom and the open expression of their lives and experiences. Who yet hold the dream of America’s founders within them. Many commonly feel the world has forsaken them and there is no where to turn. This is not case; they have not been forsaken.
Someone asked me recently why so many mediators are members of the Conspiracy Theory Research Community or the American Patriot Community. Why is there a preference by the Insiders to seek these types of people out? This is a good question if one is not versed in the broad scope of what is happening on this planet with regards to unethical globalism and the attack upon the American Constitution. The reason is that CT researchers and members of the patriot community have indeed forsaken something. We have forsaken ignorance, deceit, corruption, and the harming of those least in position to effectively defend their rightful liberties and living truths!
If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be. ~ Thomas Jefferson.
Both surface and shadow governance have stopped listening to us, but that does not mean we have stopped standing to listen!  Do you not understand the implications of not recognizing the decades of history and experience of Insider Contact? That would be like refusing to recognize the centuries of ancient history involving Contact! A division between humanity of this nature over the inclusion of the history of human contact and the deeply personal experiencers of this history is to create by default two breakaway civilizations as each version of Contact Experiencers goes its own way. This is why mediators stand apart from those who would seek separate courses. This why mediators work to maintain outreach and support to Insiders. This is why we support an opportunity toward an integrated future where the full force of human capacity, innovation, skill, and potential may be applied together to the greatest evolutionary development we as a collective; a planet; a people, have ever encountered. And this is why so many of us are American Patriots. We DO NOT BELIEVE ourselves to be a nation of cowardice and conformity! The heart of the Contact Paradigm is happening here. And this is why so much of the effort in the struggle for the positive nature and spirit of this world is centered here too.
In this time of great need, we are reachable. And we will hold the bridge open. We are Standing!
Listen to one of the greatest speeches of our time about The Right To Defend:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9zED5PD2dfg 
Everything is interconnected.
— Quote from the book Dragonsblood by Todd McCaffrey who continued the Dragonrider saga in collaboration with his mother Anne McCaffrey, of Dragonhold Eire:
A thousand voices keen at night; a thousand voices wail; a thousand voices cry in fright; a thousand voices fail.
You followed them young healer lass, till they could not be seen; a thousand dragons made their loss a bridge ‘tween you and me.
And in the cold and darkest night, a single voice is heard; a single voice both clear and bright; it says a single word.
That word is what you now must say, to open up the door; in Benden Weyr, to find the way to all my healing lore.
It’s all that I can give to you, to save both Weyr and Hold. It’s little I can offer you, Who paid with Dragon Gold.

 MUTUALISTIC: A symbiotic relationship in which each species benefits.
Compass Morainn is an Association of Exopolitical Mediators and Facilitators.  Visit us athttp://compassmorainn.webs.com/
Permission granted to copy and distribute freely without changes or modification.

Alien ET TJ Spirit Guided Divine Plan share of the ASCENSION AGE
Alien ET UFO Community Awakened Conscious Awareness of the Higher Soul Essence of Self
By Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris,
I am now allowed since the date of April 22, 2012 we all know as Earth Day to reveal to others of my higher calling and election made sure for the benefit of others who have a need to know to become awakened and aware of the Ascension Age on the planet Gaia we call earth.
The reason that we had to wait until Earth Day Conscious Awareness day in 2012 is because there is a “DIVINE PLAN” and everything on earth has a time and reason for all seasons and all things.
I am doing what I can to make the hierarchy of the way that our Omniverse is structured. We are all living in levels, realms, dimensions and we all are to learn about those who we call God and Goddess as those who are various levels of beings we call extraterrestrials and celestial beings. The highest form that has evolved inside this particular macrocosm we call Supreme Beings and their job is to bring order to chaos. In other words in the beginning before there was anything known to be considered outside of the beginning there was the first we call the alpha and the second was the omega and we all each are conceived from the first as alpha and the second as omega inside the third which is the place in space we know as the third or Omni.
All of this has been called the beginning and we say “In the beginning was the word and the word was without form. What this means is that in the original conceived energy as essence there was the first awakening awareness of self as one. Then the second this awareness was conscious the second was created to become that which is awakened awareness of the first which is the mirror image with a twist of fate that created the equal and opposite of all that is like the dark and light, up and down, positive and negative, inner and outer.
When I train children as infants as my star babies I teach them about being in the beginning and they had no form and they came from their first alpha father male and first omega mother female into that which is the outside macrocosm from that which was created by both the originals who give us our soul.
The soul is the key to our essence as what is our actual conceived light body in the darkness of space we call chaos. It is the light inside the dark that allows us to know we are someone in the somewhere. We then have those who were created as the children of this chaos of both the light and dark in what we call the balance of chaos and this is called the order.
The order came in the beginning after the first Alphaverse and Omegaverse inside the chaos in order to bring about the place as space for the dark and light to become awake and aware of the beginning.
The new place in space that the light and dark are created.
We have the 0 or womb of the all and the beginning and we add the 1 and 2 which creates the 3. We say in the beginning 0 was the word and the word was without form. We say that because we had to have the original Aha of that which was not in order to have that which was the beginning. We believe in the divine creation of the soul. The soul came into being from the all or nothing of the word of awakened awareness of the original soul self which makes up all the first souls that were created form that was given to become the beginning before the word and world was and before the omniverse was.
The Omniverse is the BIG O or the ONE. From the Original O was the original Alpha and Omega. From the nothing of which we know that nothing existed came what we consider the first original soul that when it was first aware over self it had to have an outer for the inner to step outside of the original soul.
That is how we have the inner soul and the outer self which is called the essence which makes up the spirit in all things. Therefore we are all created from an alpha male, and an omega female which joins energy essence to create a third inside the womb which comes to life in the outer chaos and order of the fourth. We need to have our understanding of our creation now while we are called humanoid co-creators of other divine spirits as essence that come to this place.
We are older souls that share our spirits in a form we call our unit vessels which is in the likeness of our original prototypes as the first models. We have souls that were the original first prototype and no two of us are exactly alike for a reason that only our original soul co-creators know.
The fact that we are now awakened to the fact that the veil of the all which is that which separates the chaos from the order as the balance is what was also first created to give separation. The intelligence of the fact that we are aware of ourselves is what we are now all sharing in this the new age or what is to be called the Ascension Age of the Ancient Alien Astronauts who from the heavens came who came before as the Ancient Ones sent to this planet by those above them who are older and wiser in the hierarchy of the sea of souls.
This is a very long and drawn out story over what we call time. Time is of the Essence. Time was created by the first Essence that was like what we call the Angel Hair from the first God Alpha and the first Goddess Omega that streamed together and what we now know was created to become the energy in order to become outside of both their own conscious awakened awareness of their own divine souls.
We have been taught this story by our ancient ancestors who left clues in imprints on our planet and in our psyches which is now our critical mass consciousness. We can see some of this in the artistic creations of the work in the word. In the beginning was the word and the word was without form and therefore our balance of all that is maintained as order inside the chaos.
There are many words in the work I share that I can now use but being that I am only one of the original soul creations by our divine plan of the original Supreme Beings we know as the God and Goddess this makes me a deity. We are all alien ET in one form or another and for the sake of work in words we call me as one outside of all others that has the awakened awareness responsibility as an older soul to share the work and words for my younger soul brothers and sisters. This is to be in the place we call the space of the Ascension Age. This is about as far as I can explain what I am doing here on this planet as what some call an Alien ET Hybrid or in spiritual work and words an Avatar Ascension Master Mentor as TJ.
I am one of the first meaning oldest essences to be given a soul and I am not only an old soul but am one of the first angels or aliens that came from space or what we know has heaven in the cosmos who has all the ancient alien ancestors memories recorded or imprinted inside my own soul in this life as DNA. The fact that we were all given the right to be separate and have our own soul inside the essence of our being becomes the spirit or the traveler in time and space. This gives us our setting about our business in the astral plane so we can become awakened and aware of our own soul self to become awakened and aware of all our outside experiences when we are aware we are somewhat, somewhere, and someplace outside of our own original soul which at this time we call quantum entanglement.
Our original soul is part of the original divine plane and the older original souls have come up with energy as essence that the original one and two which made the three in the four have agreed upon to become the five. We then obtain the six, seven, eight, and nine, with the levels and dimensions before we create another as the 0 or another omniverse.
Those who are not in the original soul group are not allowed to venture outside of their own omniverse.
I will explain more later so stay tuned… TJ of that which we call “TAKEN UP” as into the clouds as in a UFO. This is going about our own Father and Mothers Divine Business!
Ascension Age of Higher Consciousness Awakened Awareness of ET Time Lords
Each humanoid on earth is a sentient intelligent being. Each being is understood to have a unit as its vessel.
This unit vessel is one’s own personal container.  We use three divisions on earth for now to describe out main 3 parts of our own selves that we can all relate too that we all share as a common ground conscious awareness.
We all use on this planet as a humanoid what we refer to as the body-mind-spirit. We use the main three divisions and still know we have the emotional ego/id portion of our energy that we can learn to control as that part of us that responds to stimulation from the outside forces usually that we observe and respond to our outside environment including the weather.
The reason we are now sharing that all humanoids as sentient intelligent beings are now to join others of us who are the Avatar Ascension Masters of the Omniverse as the messengers of the Supreme Beings of the Alphaverse and Omegaverse is that it is now time to become awakened and aware of the higher soul self we call the glorious golden twin flame essence that is actually one’s own original soul as this part of each creations beginning.
We who are chosen before we come to earth with a choice in our own freewill of created soul essence in life are considered the older souls. We are taught about the hierarchy in heaven so to speak or in the co-created cosmos. We learn about those who from the heavens came before all those who are now present on earth and we regard them as the first and older humanoids that were created prior to all of us on earth or at least most all the young spirit souls on earth.
There are those who are the oldest and wisest who were in the beginning and we who are allowed to come and go from this level, plane, realm that were some of the first souls created are given various levels in what presently we know of as Time.
Alien ET TJ Spirit Guided Plan “New Atlantis” Project
Submitted by Theresa J. Thur… On Sun, 03/20/2011 – 09:12
By Theresa J. Thurmond Morris
                         All of us are now a part of the new beginning of Atlantis. We are the soul heirs to the future in space. We are also the soul airs, if one will allow a simple and fun play on words. We are going to now learn to share the spirit of the times, also known as zeitgeist.
I am going to change the German word from zeitgeist to ET spirit.
 Those who desire to assist in the future that want to share in creating the future Atlantis with others in synergy and esprit de corps may join me in a new organization called ET Spirit.Org. (etspirit.org).
 We of course still will use the Ascension Center Organization, which is about the shift and uplift of all our spiritual awareness to that of the spirit. These spiritual beings may or may not choose to assist us create the physical location of Atlantis on earth but this is going to be the physical Ascension Center called the New Atlantis project as well.
 Now, how this plays out is any bodies guess while I am still alive in physical body-mind-spirit on earth. Everyone has to remember that I am now considered 59 earth years. I was born on December 26, 1951. Yes, I am a day late and a dollar short baby born the day after Christmas. Ask anyone born on that date and they will explain the life and term we all share with that birth date for presents and gifts while on earth being on the normal American family life.
 I was given this vision when I was a business entrepreneur in Hawaii in 1990. I had the vision energy but it did not materialize into something I could fathom with my own mind until I died on January 27, 1974. I was allowed to come back to earth as was my baby daughter Ginger Theresa Fay Parrish Bowers who also died. I mean both our hearts had stopped and to all that knew of us both we were clinically dead. I have to participate in watching them cut me open from overhead as spirit. That was different to say the least. That was my first out of body experience or OBE. I had seen ET spirits before or whom I called angels as a child of 7 years when I was in the second grade in about April of 1957 while I attended Mitchell Elementary School in West Monroe, Louisiana. I caught Hepatitis and all the blood in my body was taken out by machine and purified somehow and that helped bring me back somehow. The Spirits I could see the Catholics were very interested in. That is a story I have told but not in detail.
 Just please know that I have plenty of spirit both in and out of body and I also can communicate with other ET spirits whether in a physical form or out. I can also see ET UFOS when I am needed. That too is another story. Apparently, I have a lot of explaining to do about my past life and my other past lives that have brought me to this moment in this life and in this time. I am also called a time traveler which most of those who truly take me seriously in the quantum physics scientific world prefer me to use with the work and worlds I frequent versus being an alien TJ ET spirit.
That too is a long story dealing with the past business corporation structures we have created on earth in the last twentieth century. I have to be able to work with the past and the present in order to create the future. It is what President Barrack Obama of the United States called reinventing one’s self and business ventures. I am sure President Obama knows of me since I was so adamant about changing the views of congress on the NASA views of going into space.
 Most of the friends of TJ Morris know that I am a mover and shaker social and spiritual entrepreneur. I have a guided spirit that shares a real passion for making this world a better place for all to encounter whole life energy of all body-mind-spirit. This means that we are going to begin sharing how we can all share in our future to make the world a better place for all future spirits.
 There are various parts of the plan for Atlantis. The first priority if location, location, location. This is still an important sale point in all parts of the omniverse. May I offer that a major part of what we are building is for all extraterrestrials that are here and will be coming here after December 21, 2012? 11:11. my creators allowed me four (4) beautiful daughters that can assist us when the time comes but for now they are all middle aged raising their children in school in Florida. Therefore, while they are doing their part to make sure they can survive while taking care of my grandchildren, I as woman in business will assist all those who desire to create a franchise business that will be like no other on earth.
 How will I do this one might ask? I plan to use my ET Spirit Guides. Belief is a wonderful power on this planet. It was once taught that if one has the belief as small as a mustard seed that one can move mountains. Those of us who are of a spiritual nature are going to test this saying out in our time. That is one of the ancient culture sayings. We are going to say those with ET spirit can make the world a better place by creating the New Atlantis.
 This past global catastrophe of 3-11-11 of a major earthquake and tsunami has opened my mind and awareness to more of what the Ascension Center is all about and it is amazing. I always knew something wonderful was going to happen in the future but it had not materialized.
 Now, for those who are non-believers, they will be able to participate in the future with those of the ET spirit on earth. For those who desire to make the future a pro-disclosure atmosphere of the governments of the world, we are going to learn about tectonic economics, which is the reason we will use the spiritual energy named “New Atlantis”. That is the name of this project.
 I realize that there are many people who have been my readers and fans in the past five years. Some are only made aware of me through UFO Digest and I will always be thankful to my soul group that includes Dirk Vander Ploeg, Robert Morningstar and all my colleagues as fellow writers. I hope that all my ET/UFO Community friends will join me in my new quest to rebuild and restructure Atlantis. This time it is my hope and desire to bring the Etspirit from within to the without for the entire world to behold.
 Many of the past has tried and that is where the Egyptian pyramids were introduced. They were also used to create the mysticism of humanities imagination, which has worked in this world. In addition, they were first used in the ancient of days to locate the human populations from space. That is another story of the ancient aliens and we are about the future ET spirit. I have had so many spiritual experiences and ET UFO experiences that I lost count. I know that for many who have only seen one UFO that is must have been a wonderful experience. However, for me, I know that they are real and alien civilizations exist and this is just a part of life on earth. I do not have the first epiphany experience that others have anymore. I had mine and had to learn how to live a life as normal while my normal was sharing ET, Spirit Guides, and UFOS. Therefore, my life is one that could and should probably be shared with the global population but they will hear it when it is time. Right now, I want to concentrate on bringing others together that desire to be included in the Ascension Center Organization, the ET Spirit Organization, and the TJ Morris Organization.
 Now, there will be many people on earth and especially in the corporate Fortune 500 world that will ask why do I need three organizations. The answer is that each serves a purpose and the triad is one of the most powerful forms one can use on earth. This particular triad will be one that starts with an E, one that starts with an A, and one that starts with a T. Put the three letters together and that spells the word “EAT”.
 What does the humanoid species like to do best and do so to survive while on earth? We eat and this is a way to remember all three organizations, Etspirit.org, Ascensioncenter.Org, and TJ Morris.org.
 We will find a way to recognize all members. For now, we share social networking and have to create our websites and Facebook pages. We will be planning our marketing and business plans along with our future Ascension Center ET Spirit Space Port.
 The project for all three involved at this point is called the “NEW ATLANTIS”. This will also include the quest for all past history that is of the Ancient Mystery Schools and all the antique relics.
 We will share in our ACE Folklife with the common folk of the middle class, which deals in art, culture, education, science, and technology. This is the worker bees so to speak on this planet. We all are volunteers and we include our hobbies and most are collectors of some type. IF not of ET UFO information, then of ancient artifacts as in archaeology and some can only afford fine replicas of things. I like the sphinx and I have only two.  Now, I plan to build one outside the New Atlantis.
 We will create a way to share that which will be promoting a spaceport in the United States of America and then we will franchise out to all other countries that desire to use our proven model by my ET spirit Guides. At this point, I am the creator founder of this project due to every corporation will need a founder as the point of origin or who first received the idea which will spread around the world. That is how we have learned to share our energy on earth. I have done this before in the past and many people have just been waiting for me to finally get the last piece of the puzzle so that they could participate with me as staff in the Ascension Center, the New Atlantis, the ET Spirit Organization, or the TJ Morris Organization. I hope to see many jobs created and we will support drop shipping for obvious tectonic economic reasons.
 The one main goal is to create my ET spirit guided energy into something that people all over the world can recognize as products, services, and will be able to desire a passion for working for this franchise in the future. We of course will use the present global community idea of utilizing corporations with angel backers who will then become stockholders preferred and common.
 It is my hope to get all of this far enough along on earth before I die. I will leave my four daughters in charge of four separate corporations as the founder’s heirs. One corporation will be strictly for the family and it will depend on one girl to manage my estate when I die. That daughter will have to manage the money in the trust that I plan on making for our own family to exist. Right now, I only require a tithing or 10% for my consulting fee of what I begin as thought.
 When I put this thought into service I require a 15% Management fee. Right now, as far as my books are priced I am given the cost of material and labor but we have to add in shipping cost which is now part of our formula being that we are a global community. So FedEx, UPS, and US Mail are a part of our extended global reach family. Keep in mind if you join our organizations that whatever products and services we create, we will sooner or later set up franchise businesses around the world with our logo and service marks. These in time will develop goodwill. I have been working as long as I can remember. My first paying job on my U.S. social security card was at Dairy Queen in Houston, Texas in 1966. I have been working since 1966 in the United States. That gives me 45 years of experience in the Unites States as either an employee or entrepreneur. I have experience as a President/CEO of both profit and nonprofit corporations. We can do this with positive spirit of encouragement. I will do what I can to maintain my body-mind-spirit while we create this “New Atlantis” project.
 I create products, I require the cost of labor and material plus we double the sale price for those who desire to franchise the model we use in business. Then for those who manage all businesses, we require a 40% above the maintained business plan cash flow for unexpected catastrophes to maintain cash flow on earth. My grandchildren may also partake in management and administration if they so desire. It will require interest and energy on their own part in order to succeed. No one will be required to become a part of this spiritual venture if they do not feel guided by their own ET spirit. TJ



Michael Jackson was getting ready to make a comeback in London, U.K.

AEG president and Chief Executive, Randy Phillips had viewed Michaels performance the night before where is was said that Michael rehearsed until 1:30 A.M.

There was a physical that Michael Jackson had to pass in order to go on tour. Insurance is involved and a physician.

Michael Jackson had wanted his physician Dr. Conrad C. Murray, a cardiologist to tend to him.

It was Dr. Murray who was giving Michael CPR when the call was made to 911 after Michael had collapsed and became unconscious.

There will be much more following this case than why Michael insisted on having a Cardiologist.

Deepak Choprah mentioned on Larry King that he knew Michael personally and that Michael was doing Oxycodone, which is addictive. Deepak taught him meditation and is stated on Larry King Live that it is well known that there are enablers. Doctors who will give prescribed drugs to these famous stars in Hollywood and that these stars become addicted. Deepak may be leading the new wave of fans and friends of Michael Jackson’s into a call for a full investigation into the reason that Michael Jackson was taking prescribed medications.

Deepak had a knowledge of Michael’s life and Larry King will have him back later after the initial shock of the death of Michael Jackson.

There is more but the toxicology report we will not be aware of for another 4 weeks.

Michael Jackson’s body was taken to an undisclosed mortuary out of respect to the Jackson family at their request.

There will be a long involvement and many stories to follow on the doctors in Hollywood or those like dr. Conrad C. Murray who practices in Houston, Texas, Las Vegas, Nevada, and is licensed in California as well.

This will be a story that is due to come out after the path that has been left by Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Nicole Smith and other famous stars that was known to be addicted to presciption drugs and the doctors who enabled them for their own personal gain from greed for money and keeping the stars happy even if it killed them in the long run.




Theresa J. Thurmond Morris

There will be new rewards offered to those who in vest in our future in America. We have some concerns as always about our people in the trenches and the grass root Americans that make up this country.

American Culture International Relations is important to the entire global economy. The health care system is important to all but in order to sell the American Dream we must assure our own American People that we can still inspire others with our Entrepreneurs. It is the entrepreneurs that are working together in the Cloud Formations above in the Akashic Field of Importance and Inspiration.

We entrepreneurs are those who see the light at the end of the tunnel. We are the ones that philanthropists look at to become Angels in this lifetime. Yes, we have real angels in this reality and they are the beings that have high hopes and beliefs in making the world a better place to live and exist while we as lost souls learn to grow, explore, and share in our level of learning. We are here on earth to expand not only our own consciousness with learning the purpose of higher consciousness through synergism but making the world a better place to live environmentally and economically. 

The motto or warrior yell for the next 100 days on earth and the next 100 days for God will be “Health and Prosperity for ALL” 

People ask me what the extraterrestrials wish or bid adieu with as one leaves their presence in the celestial world while one is in stellar space and space time as a space traveler. Being that these beings are Supreme Beings in my eyes and are the Majestic Twelve that run the alliance for all the civilized galaxies in this universe the last words are always the same, “Health and Prosperity”.

The way that we should assist the entire global community is with health and prosperity as well. Whatever it takes to achieve this level of existence for the entire species should be the goal.

There are several things we can do with the whole world while we decide to do our part. Many beings are getting the spiritual calling to “Do Something”. They are not being told in their spirit exactly what to do. They are just getting the psychic telepathic spiritual message to do something. 

People are emailing me and letting me know that they are getting this message and desire some guidance. I believe the message is clear but since so many people know that I am the Keeper of the Flame they are asking for more clarification in this reality from another spiritual being that has come and gone from this life with a connection to other levels of existence. To many who do not believe in psychic mediums we are also called Life Coaches, and to others in scientific terms we are called Remote Viewers who deal with science and technology and are considered visionaries for entrepreneurs.

The basics that I foresee that we need to address globally are how we deal with our freedom, choices we desire to make bit most of all, we need to be diligent and persistent in our focus of energy toward the areas that need the most help.

We will certainly have more storms and tornadoes around the world as this is the time and the present weather patterns are changing and somewhat different because of change in the worlds environment.

Since we cannot control the weather we must all apply the philosophy of prepare for the worst and hope for the best. More and more families are keeping their pantries stocked with at least three months of staples for nourishment, a good first aid kit, flash lights, kerosene lamps, camping equipment that include a tent with sleeping bags, and some are even keeping weapons for shooting animals if needed to survive. There have been people who are stocking up munitions which I do not believe they will need but if it makes them feel more secure and they are not breaking any laws then that is up to them. In America we all love our guns and our freedom to possess them. 

There are many people who live in big cities that have to drive a long way to find a park or natural camp ground to enjoy the outdoors. The tourism may be dealing with campers only staying within a 100 mile radius because of the price of fuel. The tourism industries around the world may only see an upset over the next 100 days which by then in America we will see either a up or down swing in travelers who spend money each year sight seeing. There may be more people visiting museums and their local culture.

Regarding jobs there will be more corporations desiring to grow if they do not have to worry about paying higher prices in insurance and health care benefits. The actual employees want to cover their spouses and children but at the present time, they cannot afford their own expensive health care so the insurance companies and our government will have to finally decide whether to allow the American public to vote on issues before simply passing bills in the Executive Branch We will see that the President, Senate and Congress will be somewhat considerate to their constituents about what will change in the future including socialized medicine.

We are going to have to accept the fact that we will need more hospitals, retirement assisted living homes that are economical and affordable but yet nice with little garden patios and small kitchenettes for those who have retired but lost their nest eggs and are over sixty five years of age. The social security system and Medicare will be needed for all those who will soon be reaching retirement age and will have to be taken care of. Those who are President Obama´s age will not be so quick to do away with social security and retirement based on the fact that they do not have President Obama´s millions . 

Economic issues are important not only in America but world wide. There are many countries that look much more modern and have built up their landscape and architecture to be more of what we expected the twenty-first century to look like. America now sees that we are behind the international time and date zone of what the people expected America to become by this time. Frank Lloyd Wright us needed in architecture in America or his counterparts in this century. Now that we have seen a stabilization in the housing market we need to set a standard of what we can obtain for the average three bedroom, two bath home with a family room, computer room, music room, and double garage. It will be more than $150,000 but we need to stabilize the standard home with all the best electronic equipment hook ups for digital televisions and multi electric plugs in the computer and family rooms. This means that we will want a home with more electrical outlets and lighting with the new bulbs. Solar panels will be included as an option in pricing arrangements while the world waits on wind and water turbine clean energy alternatives.

Coal and oil will still be the norm until we can obtain the way to provide wind when there is none available. Energy conservationists will become popular and will be exploring other options with futurists and entrepreneurs. There are many who are working on inventions that will bring popularity to science projects in school in the fall specially in science fairs which will probably increase in popularity with science and technology creating more jobs for college graduates. 

Once we take care of the basics of the family and our homes, we can then think about more gadgets for ourselves. The gaming industry is taking off but so are the entrepreneurs who invent them. Software copyrights and companies that can sell on the Internet will become increasingly popular while ordering products on line will become the norm for many home shoppers as buyers. There will be more Americans learning to work and clock in their hours for work on their own home computers which can record their time and keystrokes while providing jobs from home to the service industry specially those who can assist others in customer service in the technologies of personal use products. 

We will be encouraging building up communities from within with National Security jobs in the Border Patrol areas that include jobs in the border states. The electronic verification program will go into affect for all companies in America where corporate America will work with National Security through Homeland Security and the Social Security Administration as we all desire to not give up jobs to illegal immigrants. 

This now means without a real bonafide social security number that can be validated with the real persons thumb print for identification we will not be allowing people to work in jobs that require a bonafide paycheck with taxes withheld. There may still be general contractors paid in cash until there is a crack down on keeping up with paper for monetary exchange. More banks are going to offer more services to there customers to save time. There will be an increase in customer service as people will become choosy over who they give their hard earned money too. Social Networking is becoming increasingly popular as companies realize that people want to know who they can count on with logo and brand recognition. 

Culture will become part of each countries recognition in the tourism industry. There will be more countries such as India, China, Turkey, and other small countries desiring to manufacture American products.

Countries will be competing with each other and many are already gearing up with broad band connections. Cell phones are the accepted way to communicate and to reach the Internet. Emails and Instant messaging with Twitter is becoming a normal way to communicate. The new Google way to collect like igoogle and icollect on services of only $1.00 and up to $5.00 will be used on the Internet to obtain certain information. Browsers will become known as will Google and Amazon on the Internet. Yahoo has teamed up with ATT so we can see how this works out on the Internet. Internet Collect will now become a way to send funds to others around the world. Music on the Internet for downloads becomes increasingly popular. Movies are here to stay as part of all countries culture that have a major city.

Education is important and will now be promoted and marketing will increase to share that we are never to old to learn and learning is continuous and we are always retooling and upgrading our minds and intellect. We will become a species of not only consumers, and explorers of the unknown but learners to be educated beyond our capacity to assimilate the knowledge. Therefore , we are going to accept that we will have computer chips that can be adapted in our brains to carry more information in our brains and not just in our cell phones, notebooks, and computers. Seven and ten inch screens for reading more electronic books will be used by all not just in school work at colleges but with all travelers on vacation, on the beach, while camping outdoors, sitting in airports, and traveling in general. There will be multiple ways to be entertained with our games and gadgets. 

Social networking is becoming the way to promote one´s own interest, and business. There will soon be a way to separate the cyberspace reality world with friends on the Internet from those who are considered in 3D or third dimensional bodies. We will be accepting virtual reality as our own newly created personalities as avatars that are our Internet Image Personas that resemble our real physical faces that we used in real time 3D. Space time will become a reality in space and there will be more and more talk in the new science and technology jargon that will create new words not just in the music genre, and space genre but in every day Internet genre. There will be more keywords, tag lines, and headlines, and sublines.

There will be more websites than ever before with new ways to express our future creations on the Internet and with WI.

Automobiles will become of various breeds and kinds like classes of dogs in a Dog Show. We have car shows but now we will have various breeds of cars that include the new fuel efficient hybrids, electric cars, cars that mix batteries, and solar power, with old gasoline fuel back up. There will be a whole new generation of automobile designers of the future leaning toward the highway in the sky that will exist above all Interstate Highways within the next 10 0 years. There will be EL systems for fast commuting trains from one big city to another that will follow the Interstate Highway systems and the railway systems over the next 100 years. Guided automobiles will become the norm with computers becoming smarter about GPS tracking systems and where one can program one address to another via computer on their cars. There will be computer driven school buses to and from addresses that are listed with the schools to and from with security on board for policing the travel to and from the school and home security systems. Security systems will be on all schools and in most all homes with security cameras accepted all over the cities, schools, and all public places to and from locations in larger cities. 

Rural towns will gradually include the closest Interstate System for public transportation in their chamber of commerce advertising on the Internet. Public Transportation to and from work will be expected in towns that want people who graduate college from the ages of twenty-five through thirty-five. Adults will be considered in two ways. Females who can bear children at puberty based on their maturation system will be classified and protection for unwanted pregnancies will be recorded in their school first aid offices. This will become a public awareness issue for those desiring unwanted pregnancies with the females approving birth control in various forms from the age a female reaches her physical maturation with menstruation cycles. This varies with females and a campaign to educate the entire global population about unwanted pregnancies and social solicitation of a practical nature will be employed globally.

There will be various portions of the world with avenues marked for commercial vehicles only on the Interstates for trucks and vans while the Interstate will have lanes for individuals and commuters only. This is already being done in some of the bigger cities and on the Interstates but this will be adopted as the new norm over the whole world. There will be more commercialization of long stretch shopping malls with indoor riding bands and escalators that can carry the carts for shoppers that are electric with lanes for riders up and down the malls all over the world.

The new way to share in window shopping for future purchases on the Internet will be offered in all stores that exist during the transition to Internet purchases while some will still want to maintain a physical location for shoppers that will want a family outing with food, and movies still offered as the main food courts will have tages in the middle like thater in the round for live celebrities and American Idols will come. There will be gaming and movie houses all in one main theater environment with electric light shows and music similar to Las Vegas all over the world. Virtual Reality Games will be available for those who can afford to play with each other in a WI environment for more than two and up to 12 at a time. This will encourage social interaction but in a fun gaming environment. The UVC of gaming for physical endurance and sport arenas will be more like the world olympics where people can attend in each country for future gaming in electronicis and in physical reality sports. 

The world loves the Greek Games and Olympic Sports which will continue with the 4 year intervals but with more countries attending we will have 2 year and 6 year intervals that will lead up to a decade for trained and trial class athletes in games and sports.

We will still have a non paid and paid professional level of children and adults. New and more educated and physical levels in mental and physical gaming will occur to include beings up to the age of 36 or physically fit based on the standard world class athlete standards that will have a new global standard of body-mind-spirit excellence. 

When one arrives into a country and clears customs one will then step into an immediate light show with large super video screens that offer all the services available to the travelers in that area and country while visiting. Personal Pleasure and Business Passports will be separate and colors that can easily be recognized that will become something like an International Driver´s License that will become part of a global community identification card that allows one to drive, shop, and have access to their electronic funds. One card for all needs while traveling will be how this will come into being through the United Nations Alliance. The Global Alliance will be a new standard not just in monetary and physical but morals and ethics for all. The goodwill games will include all body-mind-spirit agility tests with competition of all types.

The new computer chip that can be used in the mind of humans will have to screened for and decided with DNA applications on file. Diseases will become more and more rare.

Sanitary conditions in public will be addressed globally. Standards will be set for all extreme measures to be factored into the slogan “prepare for the worst and plan for the best circumstances in all public gatherings”. Global nation states will have set a high standard for goodwill diplomacy standards in the control of human ethics with moral standards set in keeping with the Magna Carta. 

The United Nations will become involved with global community until a newer organization that includes the entire global population becomes active and enforced with these new International Cards that can be used in computers and with broad band all over the world for recognition wherever one goes. This social security or federal identification number used in business will be adopted as the way we are all recognized.

Global Security Police will become the global security base of standardization with everyone that is born given a number of recognition with retina scan identification on the card that will match the eye and not the finger prints because finger prints can be changed. DNA will be on file for every being born on the planet. Stay tuned as more of the future predictions are revealed through the next 100 days leading up to December 21, 2012.

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