A Meeting with Alien ET UFO Contactee Hybrid TJ

A Meeting with Alien ET UFO Contactee Hybrid TJ.

The Example of what we are building now together as Co-Creators

Here are some definitions for all you writers and authors who are assisting us in cyberspace.

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Submitted by Theresa J Thurmond Morris … on Tue, 03/06/2012 – 15:36 – The Beginning of the Original ASCENSION AGE – ACE SOCIETY – ACE GUIDE – for the ACE FOLKLIFE CLUB and the ASCENSION CENTER.

We shall also share this with our PARANORMAL NETWORK and keep adding pertinent information that may apply for all concerned to share. TJ

The resulting information structure of our critical mass mind known as the collective consciousness is said to be kept in the akashic field.

The Akashic Field is the ether above us in a place in space which we share as the Theory of Everything for now in science. This can be seen as reflecting the collective knowledge (or collective intelligence) of a community of users and is commonly called a “Folksonomy”.


The akashic records (akasha is a Sanskrit word meaning “sky”, “space” or “aether”) is a term used in theosophy (and Anthroposophy) to describe a compendium of mystical knowledge encoded in a non-physical plane of existence. These records are described as containing all knowledge of human experience and the history of the cosmos.

They are metaphorically described as a library; other analogies commonly found in discourse on the subject include a “universal supercomputer” and the “Mind of God”. People who describe the records assert that they are constantly updated automatically and that they can be accessed through astral projection or when someone is placed under deep hypnosis. The concept was popularized in the theosophical movements of the 19th century and is derived from Hindu philosophy of Samkhya.

It is promulgated in the Samkhya philosophy that the Akashic records are automatically recorded in the elements of akasha one of the five types of elements visualized as existing in the elemental theory of Ancient India, called Mahabhuta. In the Mahabharata mention is made of Chitragupta (lit. “hidden picture”).

He is the son of Brahma and a minister of Dharma and his duty is to examine a list of the good and evil actions of men (the Agrasamdhani) after their death. “Nothing is lost of either piety or sin that is committed by creatures. On days of the full moon and the new moon, those acts are conveyed to the Sun where they rest. When a mortal goes into the region of the dead, the deity of the Sun bears witness to all his acts. He that is righteous acquires the fruits of his righteousness there.” (Mahabharata, Anusasana Parva, Section 130, Ganguli trans.) The term akashic records is frequently used in New Age discourse.

We who are working on the Critical Mass Mind Collective Consciousness are among those called the ACE Folklife. We are also considered to be those who study the ancient ancestors folklore and now using folksonomy. We among those who are most interested in sharing our interests of aliens, ET, and UFOS have our own Alien ET UFO Community and share our own articles for our website publications to the world as open source information. We are doing our part to share our own opinions, news, views, and perceptions of our own lives.

Many who desire to study ascension are about the future inspiration for all. Ascension Beings desire health and prosperity for all. Ascension Beings are about raising our conscious awakening awareness of who we are as a humanoid sentient intelligent being species. We are about knowing that alien civilizations exist. We are about Ascension Age Cosmology.

The Ascension Center ACE GUIDE FOR 2012 and beyond will include education in these areas. We will offer EARTH STUDIES IN ETIOLOGY, ETHNOLOGY, ETHOS, ENTOMOLOGY, and ETYMOLOGY.


The Truth is the Matrix we create in our minds which is housed in side our brains. We are about to enter a time when Brain Mapping for Computers will become part of our lives in this lifetime on earth.

Earth is the present world we call home.

We are about to share a virtual reality level with everyone that

at present we call the Akashic Field where the Theory of Everything is housed.

We are coming to depend on etiology and etymology for communication purposes.


The study of causes, origins, and reasons. The cause of a disease or disorder determined by medical diagnosis.


The origin and historical development of a word.

The nervous system includes three general types of neurons: sensory neurons, interneurons, and motor neurons. Sensory neurons are specialized to detect stimuli from the environment, such as light, sound, taste, or pressure. Detection of a stimulus triggers the sensory neuron to transmit a message to the central nervous system.

There the message is relayed to interneurons that integrate the information and generate instructions about how to respond.

Instructions are sent back to the peripheral nervous system as messages along motor neurons. The motor neurons then stimulate muscles to contract or relax to make the appropriate responses.

They also stimulate glands to release hormones.

Environmental and genetic factors influence the onset, severity, and progression of many neurological diseases. ACIR – ACE GUIDE of the Ascension Center Enlightenment Magazine. A work in progress for all the ACE Lightworkers who share in the website articles and blogs.

We can all share our future with that which we call Ascension.

We will learn to believe more than what we call technology when the ability to use our whole brain.

We at present are recognizing we can use both sides of our brain.

We in the past were schooled to use either our left or right brain and left or right hands. We are going to share that learning to use both hands and both sides of our brain is the way of the future for all of us.

We will learn that we want to share the world and all that exists Collective intelligence is a shared or group intelligence that emerges from the collaboration and competition of many individuals and appears in consensus decision making in bacteria, animals, humans and computer networks.

(For example: Submitted by Diane Tessman on Wed, 02/01/2012 – 11:33 on UFO Digest.com

In a recent article, “Do Aliens Surf the Internet?” http://www.ufodigest.com/article/do-ufo-occupants-surf-internet),

It is suggested that aliens are learning more about humans through looking at the Internet. What if there is even more to it than this? What if the human collective consciousness itself is growing and advancing because it is involved in the various aspects of the wide-world web? This concept is similar to adding knowledge into your computer through collecting information, knowledge, and also through making contact with others. As discussed in “Is Alien Entanglement Actually Quantum Entanglement?” I feel that quantum entanglement results in a shared consciousness between human and alien, wherein the alien has access to the human’s life-long experiences and feelings and the human also “feels” alien thoughts and consciousness. This method might have been more popular with the aliens closer to the beginning of the modern UFO era in 1947.

(http://www.ufodigest.com/article/alien-entanglement-actually-quantum-ent…) ,

dianetessman@hotmail.com website: http://www.earthchangepredictions.com

It can also be understood as an emergent property from synergies among us as the references we share for you the reader:

1) data/info/knowledge,

2) software/hardware; and

3) experts and others with insight that continually learns from feedback to produce (nearly) just in time knowledge for better decisions than these elements acting alone.

The idea emerged from the writings of Douglas Hofstadter (1979), Peter Russell (1983), Tom Atlee (1993), Pierre Lévy (1994), Howard Bloom (1995), Francis Heylighen (1995), Douglas Engelbart, Cliff Joslyn, Ron Dembo, Gottfried Mayer-Kress (2003) and other theorists. Collective intelligence is referred to as Symbiotic intelligence by Norman Lee Johnson.

The concept is relevant in sociology, business, computer science and mass communications: it also appears in science fiction, frequently in the form of telepathically-linked species and cyborgs.


A precursor of the concept is found in entomologist William Morton Wheeler’s observation that seemingly independent individuals can cooperate so closely as to become indistinguishable from a single organism (1911). Wheeler saw this collaborative process at work in ants that acted like the cells of a single beast he called a “superorganism”.

In 1912 Émile Durkheim identified society as the sole source of human logical thought. He argued, in “The Elementary Forms of Religious Life” that society constitutes a higher intelligence because it transcends the individual over space and time.

Other antecedents are Vladimir Vernadsky’s concept of “noosphere” and H.G. Wells’s concept of “world brain” (see also the term “global brain”).

Peter Russell, Elisabet Sahtouris, and Barbara Marx Hubbard originator of the term “conscious evolution” are inspired by the visions of a noosphere — a transcendent, rapidly evolving collective intelligence — an informational cortex of the planet.

The notion has more recently been examined by the philosopher Pierre Lévy.


Howard Bloom has discussed mass behavior – collective behavior from the level of quarks to the level of bacterial, plant, animal, and human societies. He stresses the biological adaptations that have turned most of this earth’s living beings into components of what he calls “a learning machine”.

In 1986 Bloom combined the concepts of apoptosis, parallel distributed processing, group selection, and the superorganism to produce a theory of how collective intelligence works.

He showed how the collective intelligences of competing bacterial colonies and human societies can be explained in terms of computer-generated “complex adaptive systems” and the “genetic algorithms”, concepts pioneered by John Holland.

Bloom traced the evolution of collective intelligence to our bacterial ancestors 1 billion years ago and demonstrated how a multi-species intelligence has worked since the beginning of life.

Ant societies exhibit more intelligence, in terms of technology, than any other animal except for humans and co-operate in keeping livestock, for example aphids for “milking”. Leaf cutters care for fungi and carry leaves to feed the fungi.

David Skrbina cites the concept of a ‘group mind’ as being derived from Plato’s concept of panpsychism (that mind or consciousness is omnipresent and exists in all matter). He develops the concept of a ‘group mind’ as articulated by Thomas Hobbes in “Leviathan” and Fechner’s arguments for a collective consciousness of mankind.

He cites Durkheim as the most notable advocate of a ‘collective consciousness” and Teilhard de Chardin as a thinker who has developed the philosophical implications of the group mind.


Tom Atlee focuses primarily on humans and on work to upgrade what Howard Bloom calls “the group IQ”.

Atlee feels that collective intelligence can be encouraged “to overcome ‘groupthink’ and individual cognitive bias in order to allow a collective to cooperate on one process—while achieving enhanced intellectual performance.” George Pór defined the collective intelligence phenomenon as “the capacity of human communities to evolve towards higher order complexity and harmony, through such innovation mechanisms as differentiation and integration, competition and collaboration.”

Atlee and Pór state that “collective intelligence also involves achieving a single focus of attention and standard of metrics which provide an appropriate threshold of action”. Their approach is rooted in Scientific Community Metaphor.

Atlee and Pór suggest that the field of collective intelligence should primarily be seen as a human enterprise in which mind-sets, a willingness to share and an openness to the value of distributed intelligence for the common good are paramount, though group theory and artificial intelligence have something to offer.

Individuals who respect collective intelligence are confident of their own abilities and recognize that the whole is indeed greater than the sum of any individual parts.

Maximizing collective intelligence relies on the ability of an organization to accept and develop “The Golden Suggestion”, which is any potentially useful input from any member. Groupthink often hampers collective intelligence by limiting input to a select few individuals or filtering potential Golden Suggestions without fully developing them to implementation.

Robert David Steele Vivas in The New Craft of Intelligence portrayed all citizens as “intelligence minutemen,” drawing only on legal and ethical sources of information, able to create a “public intelligence” that keeps public officials and corporate managers honest, turning the concept of “national intelligence”

(previously concerned about spies and secrecy) on its head.

According to Don Tapscott and Anthony D. Williams, collective intelligence is mass collaboration. In order for this concept to happen, four principles need to exist;


Sharing ideas and intellectual property: though these resources provide the edge over competitors more benefits accrue from allowing others to share ideas and gain significant improvement and scrutiny through collaboration.


Horizontal organization as with the ‘opening up’ of the Linux program where users are free to modify and develop it provided that they make it available for others. Peering succeeds because it encourages self-organization – a style of production that works more effectively than hierarchical management for certain tasks.


Companies have started to share some ideas while maintaining some degree of control over others, like potential and critical patent rights. Limiting all intellectual property shuts out opportunities, while sharing some expands markets and brings out products faster.

Acting Globally

The advancement in communication technology has prompted the rise of global companies at low overhead costs. The internet is widespread, therefore a globally integrated company has no geographical boundaries and may access new markets, ideas and technology.


The term metaphysics originally referred to the writings of Aristotle that came after his writings on physics, in the

arrangement made by Andronicus of Rhodes about three centuries after Aristotle’s death.

Traditionally, metaphysics refers to the branch of philosophy that attempts to understand the fundamental nature of all reality, whether visible or invisible. It seeks a description so basic, so essentially simple, so all-inclusive that it applies to everything, whether divine or human or anything else. It attempts to tell what anything must be like in order to be at all.

To call one a metaphysician in this traditional, philosophical sense indicates nothing more than his or her interest in attempting to discover what underlies everything.

Old materialists, who said that there is nothing but matter in motion, and current naturalists, who say that everything is made of lifeless, non-experiencing energy, are just as much to be classified as metaphysicians as are idealists, who maintain that there is nothing but ideas, or mind, or spirit.

The name


The word metaphysics is formed from the Greek meta ta phusika, a title which, about the year A.D. 70, was related by Andronicus of Rhodes to that collection of Aristotelean treatises which since then goes by the name of the “Metaphysics”. Aristotle himself had referred to that portion of philosophy as “the theological science” (theologikê), because it culminated in the consideration of the nature of God, and as “first philosophy” (prôtê philosophia), both because it considered the first causes of things, and because, in his estimation, it is first in importance. The editor, however, overlooked both these titles, and, because he believed that that part of the Aristotelean corpus came naturally after the physical treatises, he entitled it “after the physics”. This is the historical origin of the term. However, once the name was given, the commentators sought to find intrinsic reasons for its appropriateness. For instance, it was understood to mean “the science of the world beyond nature”, that is, the science of the immaterial. Again, it was understood to refer to the chronological or pedagogical order among our philosophical studies, so that the “metaphysical sciences would mean, those which we study after having mastered the sciences which deal with the physical world” (St. Thomas, “In Lib, Boeth. de Trin.”, V, 1). In the widespread, though erroneous, use of the term in current popular literature, there is a remnant of the notion that metaphysical means ultraphysical: thus, “metaphysical healing” means healing by means of remedies which are not physical.

Definition Metaphysics

The term metaphysics, as used by one school of philosophers, is narrowed down to mean the science of mental phenomena and of the laws of mind, In this sense, it is employed, for instance, by Hamilton (“Lectures on Metaph.”, Lect. VII) as synonymous with psychology. Hamilton holds that empirical psychology, or the phenomenology of mind, treats of the facts of consciousness, rational psychology, or the nomology of mind, treats of the laws of mental phenomena, and metaphysics, or inferential psychology, treats of the results derived from the study of the facts and laws of mind. This use of the term metaphysics is unfortunate because it rests on Descartes’s false assumption that the method in metaphysics is subjective, in other words, that all the conclusions of metaphysics are based on the study of subjective, or mental, phenemona.

Examples – Web Results

Social bookmarking

In social bookmarking (also called collaborative tagging), users assign tags to resources shared with other users, which gives rise to a type of information organization that emerges from this crowdsourcing process.

The resulting information structure can be seen as reflecting the collective knowledge (or collective intelligence) of a community of users and is commonly called a “Folksonomy”.

Recent research using data from the social bookmarking website Del.icio.us, has shown that collaborative tagging systems exhibit a form of complex systems (or self-organizing) dynamics.

Although there is no central controlled vocabulary to constrain the actions of individual users, the distributions of tags that describe different resources has been shown to converge over time to a stable power law distributions.

Once such stable distributions form, examining the correlations between different tags can be used to construct simple folksonomy graphs, which can be efficiently partitioned to obtained a form of community or shared vocabularies.

Such vocabularies can be seen as a form of collective intelligence, emerging from the decentralized actions of a community of users. Wall-it Project is also an example of Social bookmarking.

Please Use the Resources Below for further Study and Research provided by Google.

Collective intelligence – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Howard Bloom has discussed mass behavior – collective behavior from the … of panpsychism (that mind or consciousness is omnipresent and exists in all matter) . … some degree of control over others, like potential and critical patent rights.


What Is…?

Carl Jung who believed that the unconscious mind was the reser- voir of motivating … But collective consciousness is fostered by critical mass. Many of you may …cherylcaruolo.com/media/61821faed1a1e04bffff84e7ffffe41e.pdf

Glossary of Terms

Rather than having separate individual minds, Bhagavan says that each of us is … a channel for this collective, primeval mind, which has existed as a continually … and expects that this avataric consciousness will flow through a critical mass of …


The Hundredth Monkey

The “hundredth monkey” represents the critical-mass state that the collective consciousness of humanity is currently in. Each mind that opens, each identity that …www.expressionsofspirit.com/100th.htm

Collective Consciousness and Cultural Healing

Personal Consciousness and Collective Consciousness, The Mass Media and the Collective Madness of Materialism . This mind-field or collective critical mass and, without the aid of any apparent leader , …


The 100th (Hundredth) Monkey – story about social change …

Thus, when a certain critical number achieves an awareness, this new awareness may be communicated from mind to mind. … know of a new way, it may remain the conscious property of these people. … Ken presented the story as a legend, or phenomenon; the concepts of morphogenetic fields and critical mass are very …www.wowzone.com/monkey.htm

What Can Science Tell Us About Collective Consciousness – The Felt-Sense of Collective Consciousness: Tele-Prehension The Role of Subtle Energies Field Effects Is There a Field Created by “Group Mind”? … similar effects that occurred when mass attention was captured by events like the O.J. …. Rather, I have referenced those whose work I believe to be central and critical to the …


The Celestial Speed Up, The Apocalypse & The End of Times

Nov 30, 2010 … An archetype is living energy in our collective unconscious minds. … into our conscious awareness, both as individuals and in the collective mind. … The critical mass of those required to initiate the quickening is not known.


One Consciousness which Everything exists From – Secrets of Mind …There really is no here or there for everything is at one place where Mind is. … If you want to know the state of the collective consciousness, just look around at … If a critical mass of people expressed their higher selves, they would cause a …www.mindreality.com/one-consciousness-which-everything-exists-from

1000 days to go and the Noosphere is counting by Jose Arguelles

The noosphere, the collective conscious mind of the Earth, is counting the days and counting on a critical mass of humans to be ready to quantum shift forward at …www.greatmystery.org/nl/vancouver2012jose1000.html

THE ACE FOLKLIFE – ASCENSION CENTER – ACE GUIDE – EDUCATION and SELF-HELP Books and publishing for those who desire to know more about the future of humankind on earth…www.PlanetInformationETwork.com

Submitted by dirk on Tue, 03/06/2012 – 15:38.

For those of us you like reading articles and not short books please shorten your articles.

Dirk Vander Ploeg is the publisher of UFODigest.com and PsiTalk.com. He has worked as a publisher and writer for travel related and other magazines. He is a regular contributor to AmericanChronicle.com and UFO magazine. He has written the non-fictio

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http://www.theresamorris.com, http://www.anewnews.com, http://www.americannewsmagazine.com, http://www.ascensionbeings.info, http://www.acefolklife.com, http://www.tjmorrismedia.p>IMICHAEL JACKSON, KING OF POP died June 25, 2009.

Rushed to UCLA Medical Center Hospit l by Fire Dept. Emergency ambulance he was said to have passed due to cardiac arrest.

Michael was at his Bellaire home with his children and the Nanny. The other details will surface later. The three children will probably be looked after by the Nanny and Michael Jackons’ Mother.

There may be enabling going on with over medicating Michael but it is not known that he had a medical condition but it is suspected that being 5’10 only 120 pounds or so that the physical medications to calm him due to past filings and lawsuits which could cause stress for him and many in the past suspected that being that Michael was shy, sensitive, and wanted the world to have peace was a peace lover and could have been deeply affected by the past stress factors.

Michael had been in the spotlight all his life and never had a childhood thus the world he created for children at his home called Neverland.

Michael wanted to be the best father in the world and adored children.
Michael had three children by artificial insemination. The three children Michael, Paris Michael, and Michael II Jackson are all home schooled. The children were Michaels life in his last days although he was preparing a final tour to show the world his children and to call the 50 stop tour his farewell tour which he had planned to be his last at 50 years. Michael for unknown reasons delayed the tour to July 2010, and now it is suspected that he was having health problems that were kept at home. It was a statement to some that the Jackson’s did not air their personal life in public or due to some prior conflicts there had been a family understanding of all the famous Jackson Brothers and sisters, Janet and LaToya to not air their dirty laundry in public.

Germain Jackson has made a statement to the press but it was sketchy so there will be more in the news coverage for the next 24 hours while the world waits for the official autopsy report.

Some history of the KING OF POP will be shared around the world over the next week or month. THRILLER Them and DANCE will always be part of the world as a celebration of the POP KING ICON, as well as, the song WE ARE THE WORLD who Michael sung with many other artists.

The memorabilia of the red leather jacket, glove, white socks, and black shoes will always be his signature look.

Children in the 80’s were dressing up like him and people to this day dress in his black and red leather jackets and studded gloves. The look is now the POP tradition folklore look for the POP KING of the world.

There is no doubt that when one dons a red leather jacket, white studded glove, black tight jeans, white socks, and black tie up shoes that this is the MICHAEL JACKSON POP KING ICON BRAND LOOK!

On August 1994, Jackson and the daughter of the late rock icon Elvis Presley, Lisa Marie Presley, were married – and very soon split up. After their 1996 divorce, Jackson married Debbie Rowe, a nurse in the office of one of his doctors. Two children were born to the couple through artificial insemination: son Prince Michael Jackson, in 1997, and daughter Paris Michael Jackson, in 1998. Jackson later had a third child, Prince Michael Jackson II (nicknamed “Blanket”).


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There may be deeper or higher quantum energies and fields in play.
Can we also conduct effective research into these possible influences?
When considering what research approaches to take, another famous psychiatrist named Fritz Perls probably has words of wisdom for us. Perls put forth the idea of a gestalt, a word meaning form or shape and often used in reference to the larger whole or wholeness.
The whole picture of human consciousness and intelligence is something that many people find quite fascinating, and many believe that it extends into areas we can barely comprehend. However, continual well-directed research may make valuable discoveries that can provide significant breakthroughs.
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