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Cyrellys Geibhendach
Compass Morainn Administrator

Compass Morainn, an association of exopolitical mediators has a new news & data handling capability to report. We have just added a yahoogroup to work with exopolitical news and other data in the Compass Morainn Site Network, which currently includes the Compass Morainn Journal, Members Forum, Wikizine and main website. This site is a part of the Compass Morainn tool package for use in mailing lists data consolidation and data review. Subjects is broad, including but not limited to: exopolitical mediation, traditional mediation, exopolitics, ufology, national/international government & corporate news/events, and more.

Other news to report includes that UFO Digest has published several of our articles from the Journal. Other locations you can find Compass Morainn work is in Facebook under individual authors from the Journal. Facebook badges for Facebook participating Compass Morainn authors are posted on the Journal.

Compass Morainn is openly accepting new members interested in the field of Exopolitical Mediation or as supporters of the field and of active mediators. Both members and non-member authors may submit articles on the mechanics of exopolitical mediation to our email: compassmorainn@yahoo.com for publication in both the Journal and the Wikizine. Exopolitical and Ufology articles or related material is welcome for submission in the Wikizine and yahoogroup. Please specify your submission destination when submitting. All non-member submissions or submissions for the Wikizine & yahoogroup should be marked ‘Copy & Distribute Freely’.


>http://www.theresamorris.com, http://www.anewnews.com, http://www.americannewsmagazine.com, http://www.ascensionbeings.info, http://www.acefolklife.com, http://www.tjmorrismedia.comby Richard Stallman

Can technical writers earn money by writing free documentation for free software? We seriously hope so, and that is the reason for the GNU Free Documentation License.
The GFDL is meant as a way to enlist commercial publishers in funding free documentation without surrendering any vital liberty. The “cover text” feature, and certain other aspects of the license that deal with covers, title page, history, and endorsements, are included to make the license appealing to commercial publishers for books whose authors are paid. To improve the appeal, I consulted specifically with staff of publishing companies, as well as lawyers, free documentation writers, and the community at large, in writing the GFDL.
At least two commercial publishers of software manuals have told me they are interested in using this license. The future is never a sure thing, but the GFDL looks like it has a good chance to succeed in shaping a social system where commercial publishers pay people to write commercial free manuals for free software.ANGELS AND DEMONS AS Good Aliens and Bad Aliens Exist.
There are both good and bad aliens. I prefer to call them all extraterrestrials.
Aliens come and go from this planet as they please based on their own abilities.
It is my understanding that those whom I am in contact with are very good. 
There are plenty of stories of the famous greys presently on earth. This was fueled by the Roswell 1947 crash.
One ship was left intact  and taken on flatbed truck back to the Roswell Hangar while the other that crashed in pieces was picked up in pieces later.
The two grey pilots who brought down one spacecraft to pick up the two other greys or so it was planned that was were killed. 
One Grey was seriously injured. One was killed by an army troop. 
This story I have written before so will not go into the details which can be found on UFO Digest.
We are all allowed free will and choices while here. There are many questions I have just like most all of our species on earth.
The difference with me is that I have been allowed to know things that were to assist when the time comes. This also goes for my companion and spouse.
We make sense when we are together and can actually command the spacecraft when needed. This sounds completely ridiculous to part of me that was born on earth. But, there are parts of me that have been tweaked since birth. This is something that others have not considered in any of the research and investigations that I have come across in the UFO and Paranormal Communities writings on earth.
Because I am human meaning born a human on earth, I have all the same senses, emotions, and understanding of what it takes to live on earth as a white Anglo Saxon female that speaks the universal English language. This gives me advantages on earth. As does my 5’11” height and 200# weight range give or take depending on my energy output versus energy in put we call food. 
I know who I am based on very interesting training and technical support by the extra-terrestrials we call Est. and Nordics. Although I have pure white hair now, I was born with black hair and hazel eyes. The age on earth that I now have is 57 years and 6 months being born Dec. 26, 1951.
Due to my training on earth, I have been allowed to know about various intelligent beings who are just like us just older, wiser, and come from various cultural backgrounds in stellar space based on their galaxy ways of existence.
I was an Investigator most my life. I lived a very successful life in business and public security. I have no reason to lie. I gain nothing from telling and sharing. I am a caring person and I feel that this species can be saved. My husband does not agree.
Take into consideration that although we were born on earth, that we have the ability to leave earth that not everyone is afforded. But, we are here on earth because we choose to be here. It was our government that allowed us training of one kind.  It was the extra-terrestrials that allowed us the training of another kind.  Was this by choice, at the time we thought it was. We are not bothered by these beings because it is a matter of choice. The government nor the aliens will bother us to do work unless it is in agreement first with our own free will and  choice. Secondly, if there is a need for us to be mobilized then we will be.
My husband has been trained to lead others as have I. I have training to lead a fleet and so does my husband. Does the government know and understand this the way we do no they do not. Do the extraterrestrials understand this yes. We have both made it clear that we were born here and we will do our duty when needed. Until then, both the government and the Extra-terrestrials have made an agreement to allow us to live our lives as we see fit. This is free will. Do I expect others to believe me. No not at all. I share because I am different from most beings I know and I have the power given me to do as I see fit while on earth as a Commander and a Communicator. 
When it is time, I will release information that we need on earth that is pertinent to the future. This is based on my own decisions alone. My husband also has decisions to be made and we have many beings who we are responsible for on earth and above earth. 
There is much that beings on earth do now know nor do they have a need to know. This is how it has always been. I do try to share some information over time for layman so that they can better understand that there is much in the universe that needs to be explored.
Why am I different and yet the same as any other being one might ask. It is based on many factors that have not been explained to everyone in the general populace. I seem to know things because I have been allowed to know the past and the future of things that can happen if we do not work together to make sense of life on earth and what we are here to do.
Responsibility in life depends on what others think sometimes. Raising consciousness and awareness of the species of which I am a part is important to me but, I know this happens in time and over thousands of years.
I can explain things that I know to be true but there are other things that I personally do not have an understanding of. Like why are only 14 minutes missing from my life when I leave earth? This has not been explained although it appears on earth that I have disappeared for that long, I may have been on the main Flagship for 2 weeks or 2 months. I understand life there as much as I do here but, cannot explain it. 
The Supreme High Council that is above the Flagship of all of the various beings who work together in the military environment is over the Flagship.
But, they listen to certain beings who have positions  in the military above and monitor our lifestyles while we are here on earth.    
I can tell those who want to know about aliens that there are both good and bad as far as the world is concerned.
I am part of an alliance that has been trained on earth to fight in space for the whole entire species. This means that we are chosen to combine our talents and understanding of who will defend certain galaxies and planets that are home to intelligent being species.
Can I explain this to the leaders of the world probably. Would they listen, probably not. Is it important that they understand not really because there is nothing they can do. Do I recruit people who I believe are stable enough mentally to assist me when the time comes to keep the panic down on earth most definitely. Does this seem like something in a science fiction movie I think so. So how does one stay in touch with both the world we call earth and the one above and understand it all? We are trained to have an allegiance to all galaxies that are in the alliance to protect certain galaxies from those who are not like us. Those who would destroy us are much more aggressive and hostile. We see it all the time on television and in movies for a reason. 

>Mediator Neutrality Applied in Exopolitical Mediation

>http://www.theresamorris.com/, http://www.anewnews.com/, http://www.americannewsmagazine.com/, http://www.ascensionbeings.info/, http://www.acefolklife.com/, http://www.tjmorrismedia.com/

Mediator Neutrality Applied in Exopolitical Mediation
by Cyrellys Geibhendach
Friday, May 15, 2009

In traditional Mediation, mediator neutrality is the action of the mediator to remain neutral which means to not issue or imply judgment. A mediator seeks understanding rather than development of an opinion which results in judgment. This ability to be and remain neutral is incredibly important for success in traditional mediation. Rachel Fishman Green, Esq., describes the benefits of neutrality in the following way, “If I really understand how you are feeling, what this experience has done to you, what this means for you, the challenges that you are facing as you try to restructure your life – then I can help (others) understand these things. And I can also make sure that (what) we put together takes care of you and your needs.”

The same is applicable to Exopolitical Mediation. The participant or group and the inter-lying public which the Exopolitical Mediator works with has needs, hopes, and expectations just as participants in traditional mediation do. The human equation is no different in this respect and does indeed demand a voice to be heard and received seriously. The act of experiencing mediation is very powerful and can facilitate not only understanding but also changes to peoples goals and outlooks. This lays a tremendous burden of responsibility upon the Mediator to maintain a position of holistic caring service which is created when a mediator maintains neutrality.

Every individual experiences life from a perspective. That perspective will be a consequence of their knowledge, their experiences, their health, and their maturity. No other person is more appropriate to speak about their lives or their needs than themselves. In the Contact Paradigm the ability to communicate and be treated with dignity and respect is severely hampered by many layers of confusion, fears, illegitimate ridicule, inadequate knowledge and experience as well as the human tendency to compete or dominate. Mediation gives the opportunity for all voices to approach the human collective consciousness and be heard fairly in our reality.

An Exopolitical Mediator in remaining neutral does not judge and does their best to listen to everything that a participant or group has to say. The Mediator will ask questions to garner the best understanding of the information that he/she can. And the Mediator will assist in brainstorming to figure out how best to achieve a person’s or group’s needs. An Exopolitical Mediator will use all of the tools at their disposal to make sure that each party involved in the mediation HEARS the other.

One of the valuable skills a Mediator can apply is evaluating the communication of a participant to encourage improvements or additions which help prevent miscommunication. In Exopolitics the distance between the participant and the public audience, if that is the end recipient or alternate party in the mediation, can issue misconceptions or misconstrue the information or intents involved. The Mediator works to alleviate this known difficulty through experience & scope of paradigm awareness. Here again mediator neutrality comes into play, allowing the Mediator great flexibility of perception themselves.

A neutral mediator helps to improve communication by helping all parties or participants involved to understand where the other(s) are coming from. No party involved has to agree with the other(s) but it helps to understand why you disagree or where or why differences exist.

Mediators often feel great empathy for the participants. They not only perceive needs but they also perceive the emotions, challenges, and strength of personal investment involved in the participant’s experiences, information, and existential position. The Mediator’s job is to utilize this depth of their own perception to help all parties increase their understanding of each other and then to facilitate the best way for them to communicate or interact effectively. His or her greatest challenge is to understand everyone involved.

And the ultimate goal is the honest and honorable exchange of Truth.

About The Author:

Cyrellys Geibhendach is an author, facilitator, exopoltical mediator, retired professional consultant, and current Administrator for Compass Morainn: An Association of Exopolitical Mediators, Compass Morainn Journal, and Compass Morainn Members Forum. She is an active member of Open Minds Forum and a supporter of Oathkeepers. Her personal blogs include An Explosion of Fish, and Exopolitics: Manifesting A New Paradigm. She currently lives and works in Montana with her family. Cyrellys can be contacted at Facebook, or via email.

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