Alien ET UFO Community ~ ACE FOLKLIFE


who assist WORLD LEADERS.
We are also Global Ambassadors of Goodwill and Social Entrepreneurs.
We are presently concentrating on the North American Continent.
We are located logistically and strategically at the location of our corporate base where our Commander In Chief of our Task Force Crews are managed.
We work for the Greater Good of ALL!
Our main force is our synergy with People Synergistically Involved or PSI. We support PSI graduates and all those who consider themselves World Leaders and Supporters of Small Businesses in North America first, then the entire world.
We are presently working with our Founder Theresa J.  Morris who is the Founder of the original Ascension Center Enlightenment in Hawaii, USA.
We will be sharing “HOW TO SET UP A FRANCHISE” for your small business around the world.
At present we are working with the nonprofit organizations to assist…

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