TJ of Ascension Center Bio Short 2012

Bio Resume Short 2012

Former DOD, Dept. of Navy, Now Contractor as Pres/CEO of ACO Corp, A C Corporation of Kentucky, USA.

Former Pres/CEO Jungle Beach Corp. HI and CA, J. B. Cork, Eco Fashion, International Import & Export Trade and Commerce.

Prior Legal Investigator 1978 to 4-29-85 when joined the U.S. Govt. GS Civil Service General Investigator.

1987 Entered into Contracting Consultant and Personal Service Consulting  Internet Business while assisting corporations both profit and not fo r profit. Specializes in American Veteran Organizations Administration and Reporting. Internet Research and Business Internet Security.

Presently an Organizer for organizations under the ACE Corp Holding Company for ACE FOLKLIFE, Ascension Center Organization, and TJ Morris Publishing Branding Recognition, Public Relations, Social Media, and Serves as a Social Entrepreneur and Goodwill Ambassador in ACIR.

TJ Morris, Author-Writer, organizer, social entrepreneur.

 Ambassador of Goodwill for ACIR.ImageImageangImageelsImagengels. posts, blog, TJ., AsceImagensImage, TJ of Asecnsion, 2012

Interested in sustainability and accountability of the ACIR, ACE FOLKLIFE, ASCENSION CENTER, Planet Information  and WIN as World Information Network.

 Theresa or TJ has followers and fans of her stories and has had a website online since 2000. TJ has been a writer for UFO Digest since Aug.2007 under her full name as Theresa J Thurmond Morris. TJ is a social networker and shares her information in articles and books. Theresa has prior military and investigation experiences since 1978. TJ is a member of MUFON.TJ’s professional experience is listed on Google and LinkedIn.ImageImageImageImage

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