Veteran Outreach Program for ACO Corp Working in USA

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Veterans Outreach Program

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) supports  the employment of veterans in the agency workforce. We actively recruit qualified veterans for positions within the agency. We value the commitment, work ethic and experience that veterans bring to the job, as well as their specialized skills and talents. Currently, veterans compose a significant portion of the ICE workforce.

Most positions within ICE are in the competitive service, and as such, must be applied for under posted current vacancy announcements that are listed on the USAJOBS website.

However, depending on dates of service and other factors, veterans may be eligible to apply for positions listed as being open to status candidates or current federal employees, and to eligible individuals under the Interagency Career Transition Assistance Program (ICTAP), in addition to those open to the public or all U.S. citizens.

Other hiring options that may be available include:

**Eligibility for these appointing authorities and/or Veterans’ Preference does not guarantee selection for employment.

30 percent or more disabled veterans appointing authority

Veterans Recruitment Appointment (VRA) appointing authority

Schedule A Hiring Authority

Veterans Preference

The Office of Personnel Management’s Feds Hire Vets website includes more detailed information on veteran’s preference and other information related to veterans applying for federal employment including qualifying dates of service.

Programs for Veterans and Military Spouses:

Operation Warfighter

Wounded Warrior Program

Military Spouses Internship Program

For more information on programs for veterans, please contact the ICE Office of Diversity and Civil Rights at (202) 732-0192 or by email at

The Omniverse

 The Universe

The universe is all of reality. It is an infinite span of space and time, all forms of matter, energy and momentum, and the physical laws and constants that govern them. It is everything that exists, has existed, and will exist. It’s an infinite refrain…

Main Universes:

Each of these Universes is connected to an infinite Multiverse. These are the four main ones that the Human side chapter focuses on. However, there are many more main universes within the series.


– 022390 Universe: It is an infinite universe that was created by Cronos and Rhea after a Big Bang.


– 51303 Universe: It is an infinite universe that was created by the Supreme Being of Hinduism.


– 81889 Universe: It is an infinitely infinite universe that was created by the Big Bang.


– 121693 Universe: It is an infinite universe that was created by the word of the Christian Omnipotent God.


– Unknown Universe: An infinite universe created by the hatred of Satan.

The Multiverse

The multiverse is the collection of multiple possible universes that together encompass everything that physically exists: the entirety of space and time, all forms of matter, energy and concepts, and the physical laws and constants that govern them.


Every universe within the Multiverse is absolutely endless and it so infinite that it repeats in an endless refrains. The various universes within the Multiverse are sometimes called parallel universes, alternative universes, quantum universes, interpenetrating dimensions, parallel dimensions, parallel worlds, alternative realities, and alternative timelines. The Multiverse is infinite, but there are an infinite amount of Multiverses within the Heir to the Stars series.



List of higher realities:

– Superverse: The Superverse is a level of reality that encompasses all infinite Multiverses…

– Hyperverse: The Hyperverse is a level of reality that is infinitely infinite and houses an infinitely infinite amount of all Superverses.

– Megaverse: A Megaverse houses multiple infinitely infinite Hyperverses

– Ultraverse: The Ultraverse is the greater levels of infinity…It’s virtually an infinite number of Omniverses.

– The Interdimensional Rift: The rift is a level of reality that exists within and outside of the Omniverse. It is connected to every single form of reality and it exists within and outside of space-time. The passage of time does not exist within the rift and it is infinitely infinite. It is an eternal prison.

The Omniverse

The Omniverse is the collection of all possible universes, with all possible laws of physics. Everything ranging from all of fiction as well as real life is within the Omniverse. This all depends on the reality that you exist in and what you see as fiction and reality. It is the collection of every single Universe, Multiverse, Superverse, Hyperverse, Megaverse, and Ultraverse; every timeline, reality, dimension (alternate, micro, virtual or pocket) and realm. Every form of existence ever mentioned or seen (and the infinitely infinite amount never mentioned or seen or even conceived of yet…)

All folklores, novels, comic books and fiction exist within the creation known as Omniverse. They’re all part of one. The branches of literary work, theatrical work, cinematic work, documental work, and musical work all exist within the Omniverse. Every television show, movie, and/or form of idea is an actual universe and each universe exists within the Omniverse. The Omniverse is infinitely infinite. However, there is not just one Omniverse…

There is an infinitely infinite amount of Omniverses! Each one exists within regions, and each region exits within a higher level outside of infinity…

Example – Region 1 out of infinity includes for the following sections with each one housing an absolute infinitude of infinitely infinite Omniverses with in it:

1. North

2. North by east

3. North-northeast

4. Northeast by north

5. Northeast

6. Northeast by east

7. East-northeast

8. East by north

9. East

10. East by south

11. East-southeast

12. Southeast by east

13. Southeast

14. Southeast by south

15. South-southeast

16. South by east

17. South

18. South by west

19. South-southwest

20. Southwest by south

21. Southwest

22. Southwest by west

23. West-southwest

24. West by south

25. West

26. West by north

27. West-northwest

28. Northwest by west

29. Northwest

30. Northwest by north

31. North-northwest

32. North by west

There an infinite amount of Omniverses within a single Region. There is an infinite amount of Regions, each one possessing infinitude subsets, supersets, and all-sets of hierarchies of Omniverses.


Outside of all Regions, there is a transfinite amount of cardinalities. The cardinalities possess an Aleph-Null amount of infinite Omniverses. Encompassing this, omni-possibility and omni-actuality are only the beginning to a greater concept. Each Omniverse is unique and distinct from the last. Outside of the cardinalities are merely higher systems of existences far beyond the parameters of Existence (the complete ensemble of all that exists).

The End of Infinity

Reality is everything that is and has being, whether or not it is observable or comprehensible. Even nothingness is a part of reality…

Existence is the world of which we are aware through our senses and persists independently without them. Even nothingness is a part of existence…

Qualia are the ways things seem to us…

Being is anything that can be said to be…

“God exists”…means “God is a thing/being”…

Collectively, this is what is conceptualized as “Everything in the Omniverse”

…Outside of the Omniverse brings no nothingness, no truth, no fiction, no everything, no strength, no weakness, no mind, no soul, no possibility, no beliefs, no views, and no perspectives.

…Outside of the Omniverse awaits an infinite refrain where the abstract boundless is broken, but at the end of the infinity lays the Nexus. The Nexus is the Garden of Eden and the end of infinity.

Beyond the end of infinity lies the entrance to the Alphaverse and the Omegaverse;

“Soto Subete Mugen” and “Bahara Saba Anantata” (Both meaning: outside all infinity)





The Mainfold is the system that encompasses an Infinity (not to be confused with infinity or the greatest Infinity, but everything stated above) together. It is known as the Outside of Infinity, but it is truly named as the Mainfold.

Beyond the Mainfold is the Road to Tomorrow, yet the Door to Tomorrow rest on the edge of the Mainfold…

At the beginning of the Mainfold is the Alphaverse…

At the end of the Mainfold is the Omegaverse…

The Door to Truth rests on the eight corners of the Mainfold, which is the gateway to and from certain Infinities…

“The Alphaverse” & “The Omegaverse”

Bahara Saba Anantata; it is the gateway that leads down to the Omegaverse. The Omegaverse is the final realm. It is far outside of the Omniverse and singly far beyond infinitely endlessly larger than the collection of every infinite Omniverse that exists before the Nexus. All infinite Omniverses combined are smaller than a pinpoint within the Omegaverse.

It is here, the story will end…

Soto Subete Mugen; it is the gateway that leads to up the Alphaverse. The Alphaverse is the very first realm. It is far outside of the Omniverse and singly far beyond infinitely endlessly larger than the collection of every infinite Omniverse that exists before the Nexus. All infinite Omniverses combined are smaller than a pinpoint within the Alphaverse.

It is here, everything began…Image

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