TAKEN the Story of Allie, Sarah, TJ, Theresa deals with Ascension Age

TAKEN the Story of Allie, Sarah, TJ, Theresa deals with Ascension Age.


ACE Statement of Faith

We believe in:

We believe all world religions are sharing a path of life to the eternal hereafter.

We believe we are all here to share as body-mind-spirits having the birth-life-death experience.

We believe in family, country, freedom, friends, flag, constitution, and Declaration of Independence in the United States of America.

We share in the belief with other organizations on earth that the plenary, verbal inspiration of the Bible, equally and in all parts and written to the best of the scribes ability and to some without error in interpretation.

The one God, and God Mother, eternally existent Father, Mother Son, and Holy Spirit, Who created humankind by a direct, immediate act;

The preexistence, incarnation, virgin birth, sinless life, miracles, substitutionary death, bodily resurrection, ascension to Heaven, and second coming of the Christ Consciousness in the Ascension Age as the Awakened Awareness of the Lord Jesus Christ of this planet in this universe.

We believe in the universe, multiverse, metaverse, xenoverse, omniverse, Alphaverse, and Omegaverse as the seven heavens of our cosmos including the various branes, dimensions, and realms of those supreme beings above.

The fall of man, the need for regeneration by the operation of the Holy Spirit through personal faith in Jesus Christ as Savior on the basis of grace alone, and the resurrection of every person to either eternal life or eternal damnation as has been passed down to our humanoid sentient intelligent being species by way of our ancient ancestors verbally, in pictographs, storytelling, and in writing.

The spiritual relationship of all believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, living a life of righteous works, separated from the world, and witnessing of His saving grace through the ministry of the Holy Spirit;

The Biblical mandate of the Great Commandment and the Great Commission for all Believers to proclaim the Gospel and to disciple all nations, people, nation states, and best shared in the God Created Land of the United States of America on the North American Continent.

We believe in health and prosperity for all and sharing in the global tectonic economics.

We believe in the Ascension Center Organization as a faith based social network of people helping people.

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