Ascension Age Now TJ of Ascension ~ 2012

Essence -Our spiritual energy is our memories when we die. Ascension Energy is who we are when we leave. TJ of Ascension Age ~2012.

We are in the Ascension Age Now! Now is the time for us all to awaken to our awareness of our full potential.

We are all each an individual and a part of the greater good we share as the humanoid sentient intelligent being species.

It is now time for us all to be involved in the health and prosperity for all!

We are now involved in the sustainability of our earth and space through higher consciousness!


We are all learning about Global Tectonic Economics. We are going to share in the entire planet’s evolving.

Those of us who are sharing the moments in time by being interested in humanity and our ways of living on this planet are about survival.

We are about nature and knowing how to progress forward in time and space.

There are many of us around the world that were brought to this planet. We were born here. There may be the possibility that many of us on earth were not born on this planet and yet we are all still a part of the universal plan.


The universal plan is only one level and one realm in our great macrocosm. Our entire spatial development that we are all now affirming and agreeing too are at least seven (7) levels, seven realms, and seven dimensions giving us twenty-one (21) areas of challenged in our latest higher conscious.

We are now able to understand that we are whole brained and use all portions of our minds, neural network, and our basic understanding of health and wellness for our mind-body-spirits.

We may all be awake and aware that we are all sharing a life on this planet that we Co-create together. We shall find the best solutions for us to participate in life on earth together with a combination of social consciousness for all our earth citizens.

Those who shall become World Leaders will be elected in a democratic society with each humanoid sentient intelligent being given a vote. One person and one vote a the future for all humanoids.

This is the way of the future!

We shall all relate to the year of 2012 as the year which ushered in the Ascension Age of Communication and Cosmology.

This truly is a spiritual age for all those who desire to know more about the wisdom of life. We who are the Messengers now share in a goal to share in positive love and light for this entire universe, multiverse, metaverse, xenoverse, omniverse, alphaverse, and omegaverse.

May our Supreme Beings of all as the “I AM” in each of us guide our way in higher consciousness for humanity.

Love and Light

TJ of Ascension

Theresa J. Morris

ACO Corp

Ascension Center

260 Carolyn LN

Beaver Dam, KY USA 42320-9766

1-270-256-8230 or 270-256-8945



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