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We are now in the Ascension AGE NOW! That is the balance and harmony brought to us this month.

I am participating in life on earth and feel so much better about the overall global brain! I believe we are going to do this and make this world a better place because of what I coined GLOBAL TECTONIC ECONOMICS for the entire species on this planet in this the Supreme Beings Cosmos sent to earth to be called the ASCENSION AGE.

We of the Ascension Center Enlightenment or ACE MOVEMENT are sharing HEALTH and PROSPERITY for ALL!

That means for everyone no matter what the origin of the humanoid, the race, color, ethnicity, or culture. We are about the future that involves UNESCO the UN and Global Trade and Commerce.

I am about spreading the work I do which is called AMERICAN CULTURE INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS.

I have a calling and election made sure in this world and since I have died officially and returned it took several times in the Akashic Field of Understanding to seek out my AWAKENED AWARENESS to be all that I could be. I was rebron on January 27, 1974 along with my child named Ginger Theresa Fay Parrish now Syzygy Bowers as her spiritual name. She lives in Gulf Breeze, Florida on Shady Lane. Isn’t that a serendipity coincidence if there is one. She is all about higher consciousness and the spiritual connection to the source through the “CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS”.

She is shy in the public eye at this time and I hope she will eventually grown out of that although she hasn’t for all this time. She is a talker if she knows you and feels comfortable around you but she was always hiding behind me as a child. All the way up to the age of 10. I was concerned about her adapting to this world.

Intelligence is overrated and learning how to adapt and overcome your fears in any situation is a part of what I teach as a LIFE COACH to my children who are still learning about this world.

I will be doing a RADIO show on SUNDAYS called SUNDAY PARANORMAL on

I do not LAUNCH MY SPIRITUAL CAREER for our Ascension Center Organization until MAY 27th at 10:30 PM at night WITH B. BRADY in Russelville, ALABAMA. I raised my children in Alabama and went to University of Alabama and took forensics, English, psychology, and was a Private Investigator then specializing in Arson, Fraud, and Subrogation. I was a pretty smart  young woman if I do say so myself. Too bad at 60 years old I realize now I don’t know anything at all!

Life changes and we have so much information to absorb now that all of us “BABY BOOMERS” are reaching retirement age that I cannot take all the time out of my busy day in the school of hard knocks to educate myself on all the HIGH TECH requirements so I have chosen to pay attention to what YAHOO is offering me.

Tech 1 Connect also locally where I live as one of our Ohio County Magistrates Mike McKenney who is willing to assist me in getting my new KENTUCKY CORPORATION going has shared with me that he will do all he can with TRAVIS WILSON and his FRIENDS to assist me with COMPUTER and CELL PHONE REPAIR for all our ACE FOLKLIFE Collectors as he now has COLLECTIBLES TOO!

We will see him at the STRAWBERRY FESTIVAL probably! OUR ACE FOLKLIFE will have a booth to SHARE OUR BOOKS and OUR AUTHORS will BE SIGNING THEM We hope! I am asking all our AUTHORS in TOWN to SUPPORT THE ACE FOLKLIFE and I am placing an AD in the LOCAL NEWSPAPER which only comes out weekly.

I am announcing my GRAND OPENING for our ACE FOLKLIFE to SUPPORT Health and Prosperity for all beginning right here at home in the HEART OF AMERICA!

We in OHIO COUNTY KENTUCKY have people who accept our humble retirement community for our seniors and we have an excellent Senior Center where some of our Politicians meet our locals. We also have an Extension Center where our Homemakers Society have an Office through the University of Kentucky Extension Office.

Then we have our Ohio County Chamber of Commerce who assist people like me if I want to pay my annual dues which are about $65 the last time I checked. I will have to join as my ACO CORP in  order to allow them all to know what I have done by combining all my talents and skills into one corporation to not only assist my friends at home but all my friends in my social media network of friends in CYBERSPACE.

There are many who are now using FACEBOOK and just as many who are not. We only have a few thousand in each city and the Ohio County uses the Vital Statistic Bureaus account of people we have plus what our Ohio County Magistrate David Johnston can keep up with.

Our Ohio County Sheriff is David Thompson and it was the Democrats and Independents who put him into office. I know as an Independent because I attended a Democratic Meeting.

We need more support from our VOTERS in this COUNTY and usually each party DEMS and REPS will make calls from their campaign headquarters to encourage the registered voters to vote. They get a list from the Ohio County Courthouse which is available I suppose to the public.

Since I haven’t been into politics for many years, I am not up on all the politics and LAW but I plan on changing that small amount of information I can tuck away in my head.

People who are in the lower middle class and poverty level here in Ohio County are probably the average. Our average salaried family is somewhere about 36-39K. So, we are considered a poor county.

I and my hubby are survivors and we sell produce such as watermelons and cantelope in July and August. Then we don’t have anymore about September 15. They are all picked and sold until the next year. The little money we get we are not taxed because produce is not taxed. We try to save some but something always happens and we need a new motor or transmission for the old farm trucks we have. One each and that reminds me it is costing us $1500 to get a new rebuilt motor put in at J.T. Payton’s place in Horse Branch where we did live. Our truck broke in Horse Branch and we moved back to Beaver Dam to be closer to the  Natcher and WK Parkway to get up and down Western Kentucky to sell our products. If truth be known Tom Morris has brittle diabetes and goes to dyalysis three times a week.

Tom is a Veteran and served our country from 1980-1993 about the same time I was serving. He was in the U.S. Army and I was in the U.S. Navy. He was stabbed in the right side and Colin Powell visited him on our U.S. Navy Ship and put him back in the field the same day even though he had been stabbed! Go figure!

Well now, it’s a little hard to prove because the type of wet work he did for our country demanded his records be sealed so the VA cannot prove he was stabbed but Colin Powell can. I wonder if the old man would come forth and let the truth be known? Is intelligence overrated in this country?

I love my country and God Bless America! Some give some and some gave all! My husband gave his all and I will soon lose him on this planet. He is in his early 50’s and I am going to begin this new ACO CORP a Kentucky Corporation to help people like him who need money to sell their produce and get the money needed for gas to get to and from Dyalysis centers which are too far from our home in OHIO COUNTY!

We need more HELP closer than the Dyalysis CENTER in CENTRAL CITY or OWENSBORO and that is our only choices! If any of your FAMOUS WORLD LEADERS would like to help us here in our poor OHIO COUNTY create more jobs for health and prosperity I am offering a way to do just that!

I am going to call on all my entrepreneurial skills I learned while I was working for my UNCLE SAM and learning how to be an Ambassador of Goodwill, as well as, a CORPORATE CEO and SOCIAL ENTREPRENEUR!

SO What I really need to succeed may be more than FORBES has printed in this article that I am sharing on my BLOG!

I am willing to learn all I need to know to take my Corporation global for the good of humankind as the greater good. I am beginning at home and I am also having a meeting with the Women Veterans of the Tri-StateWomen Veterans at the VFW Local 1115 in Evansville, Indiana on MONDAY, at 7PM. It’s always the Second Monday of the Month at 7 at the same place if any WOMEN VETERANS past or present can attend. I am the WEBMASTER and will be assisting in recruiting others on the WEB for all WOMEN VETERANS.

We are a GROWING CAUCUS and PLATFORM for this world!

I am TJ MORRIS tm ACIR sm and I am about health and prosperity for all in Global Tectonic Economics.

I am the founder of the ASCENSION CENTER ORGANIZATION and my Pen Name is now TJ of ASCENSION for the ACE FOLKLIFE Society of Authors-Copywriters-Editors of the Cyberspace SOCIAL MEDIA MARKET.

Love and Light TJ

Intelligence Is Overrated: What You Really Need To Succeed – Forbes:

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