This made me a name of respect from our Supreme Beings that some call God and Goddess or Mom and Dad in the higher realms above the level of this planet.
I know that there are seven heavens, seven realms, and seven dimensions in this world at present.
We are discussing 11 and possibly 13 dimensions at this time based on various theoretical formulas and theoretical physicists who are working out the possible hypotheses for us all in time and space and possible something much more cutting edge than space time in what we call quantum entanglement.
Somehow I have a feeling I may have some of the glue that will fit all the various pieces of the puzzle together in what we now call Global Tectonic  Economics. Ascension AGE is NOW!
I know that now. It took me a while to assimilate the past information that I channeled as the Avatar Ascension Master that I have become over time. This took at least 9 past lives and working very hard at becoming TJ of ASCENSION who I learned to become inside of me in order to share what was to be discovered by others which are outside or me. It’s a long story and one that will take at least a century to tell. I hope there is someone out there taking notes because this stuff comes into me faster than I can type.
Today is Sunday May 6. 2-12/ It is always some ones Birthday so Happy Birthday!
Today was about learning how to cope with family when they are making the wrong choices and asking me for help.
It is hard to teach others about lessons in life as rocks in the road on our path which we are all on anyway.
We are all on the same life path. Meaning we are all here on the same spinning orb traveling through space at 18 miles an hour. Some of us are paying more attention than others as to our exact location in space.
I got an interesting call from family who needed assistance. Our family is now made up of five generations and soon to be six generations at one time on earth.
In the past our American Culture was made up of 20 year intervals or when we had a time swap and we were conditioned to program out statistics every 20 years or when certain planets affected our orbit in space. It is still that way to some degree because we still have astrologers but these planets may be off by 5 signs depending on who you ask. How many planets may not be accurate either anymore?
This is why we now have satellites and Planets orbiting earth and sending all types of particle beams back at us including the microwaves we use in our on cell phone communication and our satellite televisions.  Does anyone really know how many actual private satellites are orbiting this planet? Is it the job of our government or NASA in North America to let the people know?
Well, these types of thoughts don’t usually enter the relatives of my husband’s here in Kentucky, USA.
I was sent here by my Higher Supreme Beings to share in raising awareness for all the children on this planet. When I accepted the job I had no idea what I was agreeing too!
But then I was at a disadvantage. I was out of body and just wanted to return to my physical body back on the planet where I was having a child named Ginger Theresa Fay Parrish as her given Christian name. I was born in the church as was she. Meaning we were born in the middle of the American Culture before the Internet and we really had to think about International Relations.
I wasn’t even supposed to know what a computer was yet much less how to fly them in space craft not of earth origin. Anyway, what I am learning is that people on earth are very young spiritually and have not been doing their own spiritual work and this is causing the world to fall behind in the rotations around the sun and this causes more solar flares in the ebb and flow of time in space inside the galaxy we are using at the moment.
So, since I have taken the job in this lifetime on the exact day of January 27, 1974 I shall now address those on the planet that I came back for in order to explain my presence here.
I am here to do a job and that is to introduce the world to the Ascension Center and the Ascension Age.


More than 150 million Americans already use the site Facebook making it easy to keep up with friends, family, and colleagues, discover great content, connect to causes, share photos, drum up business, and learn about fun events. We are ACE FOLKLIFE who celebrates life with Art, Culture, Education, Science, Technology, Folklife, and History around the world. We are an International Global Community as a Social Network established on FACEBOOK by TJ Morris & Friends with their many created pages.

ACO Corp is a Personal Service Corporation began by the ACE FOLKLIFE founder, Theresa J. Thurmond Morris who now goes by TJ MORRIS in business in Ohio County, Kentucky, USA.

TJ Morris is the owner of the Ascension Center Organization which was actually founded legally as Ascension Center, a Hawaii Corporation by Theresa J. Thurmond Orr in 1993.

TJ of ASCENSION in USA for CANADA ~ Partner IN ACE, Dirk Vander Ploeg and Robert Morningstar. – 2012



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I am not sure how to proceed with this website as this is part of my charity work and I now must learn to create a FINANCIAL BASE for my FRIENDS on earth.
Those who desire to become Friends will know me as TJ of ASCENSION which is my CHARITY BASED BACKERS in my NON PROFIT side of my BRAIN.
The FUTURE dealing with me personally will be FOR PROFIT as TJ MORRIS PUBLISHING and I must now train myself to be partners with various Third Party Contractors.
Therefore I have decided to continue doing business with you in CANADA.
I am beginning my CORPORATION with emphasis on Personal Service Corporation as PRODUCTS and SERVICES to service the entire world as GLOBAL TECTONIC ECONOMICS.
I will still be an AMBASSADOR of GOODWILL and will still train others as a SOCIAL ENTREPRENEUR.
I decided it is best to share this information in simple business language with you since we have shared for almost  five years on Aug. 7, 2012.
I have no idea how many stories and articles you have from me as I do not have my old hard drives or ARCHIVES of postings any longer. That means that you have the only copies unless other websites have bothered to ARCHIVE. Please be aware of this fact that I am now ALL ABOUT NOW! What I have don’t TODAY!
Therefore, I hope to encourage others to ARCHIVE their own FILES and if anyone is interested in my WORLD of WORDS then each should be told to share their own OPEN SOURCE collections in which I support our GROUP as ACE FOLKLIFE.
Alien ET UFO Community Time for Change
Ascension Age is now! Live in the Moment and plan for the future with Higher Consciousness.
We are now in a lovely time to be alive and well on planet earth. We are now about positive change and balance and harmony in our Global Community Brain.
We are now in the ASCENSION AGE of NOW~ we are about not just TIME and PLACE but SPACE.
We are about Anew NEWS and this means Education, Health, Prosperity and Infrastructure.
I myself being known as an Avatar Ascension Master also known in this Alien ET UFO Community as an Alien ET Hybrid know that many are wondering what our purpose is in being here on this planet.
Being that I am an active participant in this Social Paranormal Group of Enlightened Souls I shall share my own positive perspective and opinions in the Now and in the Future to come.
This month of MAY, 2012 is all about Co-Creation Change for the GOOD. We want to share in the shaping of our future to come on this planet and in space.
The Cosmos is now more important in this world than ever. Our ancestors would use the stars to predict change in the seasons. They knew when to become planters as Hunters and Gatherers for their own survival. We too know how to watch the Cosmos.
We are now going to begin Anew as the Circle of Life has a Legacy to share about Going in the Circle of Sevens inside and outside. We have come FULL CIRCLE in our FLOW of ESSENCE.
Now is the time for all to plant in order to reap and sew their own harvest.
For those who are World Leaders, we shall share in the World Information Network (WIN). We will share our Life Wisdom with those who desire to listen.
For those who are FUTURE World Leaders, we shall share in the Education, Training, and How TO with Self Help Guides and our Ascension Center Organization of Lightworkers and Truthseekers.
The Awakened Consciousness of the Entire Humanoid Sentient Intelligent Being Species is now about to change.
Those who are my chosen Mystics, Oracles, Psychics, and Shamans are sharing their communication of information.
We are sharing our ways of the Ancient Mystery Schools. We have the Hunas and the Astrologers, the Channeling Higher Consciousness Spirit Guides, and the Alien ET Messengers who are all working together for the first time in space and on Planet Earth. This is the FAMILY HOMECOMING which is called the ASCENSION AGE to be Celebrated with a FUTURE ANCESTOR DAY which will become known as 2 in other words of work every 6 months. We shall have a SPRING GLOBAL LOVE DAY and a FALL ANCESTOR DAY from this year of 2012 forward known as DECEMBER 21, 2012 when we all AGREED to RAISE our awareness as in ASCENSION.
This is why I have chosen to become more balanced and grounded in this lifetime by offering what others can understand simply as Global Tectonic Economics.
In order to better form a more perfect unity in understanding among our species, we the AVATARS of the Ascension Masters of the Supreme High Council of the Omniverse will now begin sharing what we must do to organize our thoughts for the future.
We are sent here with the purpose of perfecting our Life Wisdom of our Essence as Energy.
We will now learn about all that we can learn in the time we are in our Body-Mind-Spirits sharing in the Birth-Life-Death experience.
We shall share in how to assist us all in Health and Prosperity for ALL!
The future of the world dealing with 196 countries and other creations bringing us to a total of 238 will now deal with the future of our planet in areas including economics and statistics based on tectonics and earth economics and cosmology.
I will be able to better plan the future for my future family on earth through the Ascension Center Organization of the Ascension Age with Global Tectonic Economics with Earth and Space Science and Cosmology through my communication skills to the entire human species through the Golden Rule of Love and Light. In other words we shall abide by this world with all to learn to treat others the way that you want to be treated.
We are now all about raising awareness in Global Trade and Commerce. Love and Light TJ of Ascension.
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