MISSION. You apparently have some energy to share here in America regarding politics. I use to but stay out of that arena and remain impartial since I am now on an independent woman path of filing a new corporation called ACO CORP. We are a personal service corporation as in Community of Practice. We train the Leaders of the World as Global Ambassadors of Goodwill and we promote Global Tectonic Economics to create more sustainability and infrastructure for the basis for the entire human race. We include all genres and we hope you will join us in whatever your passion may be as an author-copywriter-editor or Spiritual Intellectual. Please LIKE my PAGES whenever you are inspired to do so and we shall stay in touch! I have little male energy in my tribe of women goddesses. Love and Light and I can be very grounded and down to earth even though I stay in the Clouds above in the Akashic Field with the Avatar Ascension Masters most of the time! Love and Light TJ ~ can’t wait to see who the next president will be. Your vote counts so encourage everyone to vote and deter from separating the masses in America and the WORLD. Become a Social Entrepreneur with me. Be my Co-CREATOR in CYBERSPACE! TJ of Ascension Center Org as in

It’s hard to start a new venture in AMERICA these days! JOIN ME and be a FISHER OF MEN and WOMEN!

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