Aliens-Higher Beings! | UFO Digest provides video proof of ufos, alien abduction and the paranormal.

Aliens-Higher Beings! | UFO Digest provides video proof of ufos, alien abduction and the paranormal.:

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·         TJ’s Next Chapter of the Book called TAKEN UP will be shared on the UFO and the
·         In the meantime, We have some catching up to do with all our websites that are down. We shall begin adding them back on again with our TJMORRISPUBLSHING NETWORK as
·         I tried to tell we don’t need the www. Anymore when the consultant called me. He didn’t believe me so, I have to trust the designers that I hope they know what they are doing when they build my website. Here are some of what comes from me with the new
·         My present website is
·         I share this as an OPEN SOURCE for all to obtain information like our Ascension Center Information Resource.
·         American News  Magazine
·         Ace Metaphysical Institute
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·         TJ’s  Radio Friends
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·         Join   the Ascension Center Organization on FACEBOOK
·         We have a website called Ascension Center Organization that promotes Global Tectonic Economics with Health and Prosperity for ALL!
·         We are about Sustainability for our Planet and Species. 
·         While we are in the process of Growing and our new website is under construction, please at least go and look at our new list of RESOURCES at Http://
·         ALSO ON Oprah Winfrey’s OWN TV NETWORK please share her chosen FOUR TEACHERS they include two of my own and I would have added Dr. Wayne Dyer. Zig Zigler was one of my first teachers on earth while I was learning about the STAGE and being an Artists, Entertainer, and Songwriter with BMI.
·         All four teachers—Iyanla Vanzant, Deepak Chopra, Tony Robbins and Bishop T.D. Jakes—join Oprah to discuss the art of gratitude so please try to watch and participate.
·         Oprah’s Next Chapter
·         Oprah’s Lifeclass: the Tour
·         Breakthrough with Tony Robbins
·         MAGAZINE
·         NEW OWN SHOWS
·         Coming Soon…
·         Meet 15 guys who are saving the world
·         The Busy Woman’s Guide to Volunteering
·         A few things that gets better with age
·         Tune in and log on to or tonight at 8/7c for the season finale! Oprah teams up with superstar teachers Iyanla Vanzant, Deepak Chopra, Tony Robbins and Bishop T.D. Jakes for a heartfelt lesson on gratitude.
§  This week’s
·         Life Work
o   Question of the Week  
§  Gratitude quotations: How to say thank you
o   Watch last Monday’s class on demand  
·         Catch up on the latest lesson with Deepak Chopra and Oprah to find spiritual solutions to life’s most difficult problems.

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