2012 Alien ET Ascension Age aka Book of Theresa "TAKEN UP" | UFO Digest provides video proof of ufos, alien abduction and the paranormal.

2012 Alien ET Ascension Age aka Book of Theresa “TAKEN UP” | UFO Digest provides video proof of ufos, alien abduction and the paranormal.:

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Living inside the Matrix called Earth, Universe, Metaverse, Xenoverse, and Omniverse
Theresa J. Thurmond Morris January 13, 2011
Earth lives inside the Metaverse of the Unknown Xenoverse
The Light we call the Essence of Good in All – LIGHTWORKERS!
This inner spark force of the “ALL” is what we come to know as our inner spirit that must grow and find the eternal pleasure and bond back to the all and Omnipotent from which we came. This Omnipotent is what we all recognize as the God or all that lies outside the macrocosm we call the Omniverse. We cannot get back there while we are inside the Macrocosm.
We can only feel the spark and see the spark we call life in all those who come to earth in body-mind-spirits.
Science is now going to prove that the God Particle of the “ALL” lies in all things created in this universe.
Scientist and Energy
Our universe is only one inside a multiverse inside many dimensions we call the Metaverse, that there lies inside the unknown Xenoverse. Where all levels, places, planes, dimensions, in time, and space time exist inside the macrocosm we call the Omniverse.
Those who are the smartest scientists and physicists in the world are exploring the universe with what we now call the Hadron Collider and the connections in space. It is people like me who have come back from the dead like Lazarus once did while Jesus was alive that are called Avatars on earth in today´s time on earth. 
There is a driving force in all of us beings on earth. Some call this innate force, a passion, and a drive. Some call this simply energy.
Energy as the God Particle is of the “ALL”
Some refer to this energy as the “God Particle” or God, the higher power. Regardless of who we are, where we exist, what we do in life on earth, what we ascribe to as culture, traditions, and beliefs, there is one thing we can all agree on in life. That is that we were all born on earth and we will all die on earth.
When we speak of the one known fact of our species on earth, we must all begin from this one truth that we are all the same when it comes to being born and dying here on this planet.
Everything else on earth is secondary to all and nothing. Meaning grow your own spark of inner light for working with others in another world and universe. This is trial and error.
If, we can learn to share in the same language of communication and express this one known fact to each other when meeting or in passing as an honorarium and moral obligation to respect each other’s existence and the energy inside each unit as a creation of earth, then we can learn to “Live and Let Live!”
There are many on earth that is considered terrorists and we are supposedly fighting a manmade war on terrorism, and on weapons of mass destruction. We have a species have come upon various ways to destroy ourselves and our complete and entire species on this planet.
The positive and negative energy that is recognized on this planet stems from forces above and beyond our level of understanding in relation to the cosmos in space or the entire universe.
For many, we simply must produce the beings in person. For others, they want to see the spacecraft not of earth origin or as UFOS. Proof comes to some and to others they take it on faith.
There are some who are meritorious and will advance based on their own intelligent beliefs without having to have proof that those above exist.
Some believe that their religions taught them the basics on how to communicate with those above. The ones that pray to Allah and God above are praying but are they awaiting the guidance from above. Are they waiting to review the real and true answers that may be revealed in time through mediation and being still and knowing. This is the new advancements and achievements that are to come and be a part of our future advancement of our human race on earth. Do we as a populace agrees to become conduits, oracles, and communicators for the future of our species are a question that some may answer for us all?
While on earth, we are one unit. We are also to share our inner spirit with others of our species.
We are responsible for our own discoveries as knowledge, beliefs, and perfecting physical talents. We make the one unit awareness of self as we seek a better way to be our self. Awareness of who we are as individuals and as single units participating in life that has a better chance of survival by learning to share life with other of our own species.
That which is recognized as bringing one to know those of us above is the part of the ascension process that others who have come before as teachers, master, prophets, leaders of humankind, and even known as the son of man, and the son of God has chosen to share with all who came before and after those of the past on earth.
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What was the first Landmass on Earth? (NOT Pangaea)? Before the super-continentVaalbara, what was the first landmass? I’m talking about the first ever name…
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A mission for each being on earth is exposed as part of the intelligent beings. We are they who are the intelligent beings. Contact is simply a form of acknowledgement. TJ
We offered this unit this intelligent being a position as a communicator and the position was accepted.
This is the beginning of our communications for the good of our joint intelligent beings.
Depending on the level of attainment of knowledge, while on earth of our kind and forging a talent or gift that can be shared with others of our kind above will be that which we seek in each individual unit. We choose to see that which each unit can become to be a contributing unit of our society above.
We are they who seeded the earth with our own kind so that we could share in life and the ascension life force of raising awareness and awakening the process inside the intelligent beings that we send down to earth.
There is a driving force and energy innate in all of our intelligent beings that exist all over the universe. Share this with those whom you believe can understand our communication. We are they who send information in thought form, energy waves, and in electronic communication via our chosen unit.
We have offered much assistance in the past, which was not accepted by the overall leaders for the planet earth. The information and communication was never thought to be obtainable because it was not completely understood or shared with all those who needed to share in the information to complete the process.
Some of our visitors and beings who were on a mission to leave behind our spacecraft have been killed. We observe who does what and why. We share our information while hoping to advance the human race with some information while holding back information that we believe will be mishandled or misused.
While we share some information with those whom we have learn to trust and rely upon as good communicators for us. We shall learn to share with others in the future once others reach the Ascension Center Enlightenment Attainment Levels.
We can say that many who do not understand how much of the energy works are coming close to understanding an energy that is in all things. This is what flows in and out of all living things, all beings on earth. We know that this is now the time to share what we know that the human intelligent being has discovered on their own in what they now refer to as science. We will not discuss religions on earth at this time due to all are of the higher power of those who believe in a God.
We are about the future!
We the people in the extraterrestrial community are considered spiritual in many ways. We are believers in Extraterrestrials or ET. Some of us choose to believe in many ways the ancient aliens as ancient astronauts. We also believe in a higher power, God particle, and one all knowing, omnipresence we believe to be the all-encompassing GOD.
Omnipotent Omnipresent Omniverse 0ur Macrocosm of the ALL
We the sentient intelligent beings of this earth have only learned to think inside the Macrocosm we call the Omniverse.
That is the Omnipresent Omniverse, which we call GOD that has always been. God is the all-knowing and all-powerful that we choose to believe as the ALL in all of us. People ask me if I believe in prophets and in Jesus or Jehovah. I personally choose to, as this is my choice. I was born into the Christian Church and was raised a white Anglo Saxon protestant.
This is my heritage, my culture, and in my demographic location is my tradition. I celebrate all the holidays in the United States of America. I live on the North American continent, which has a history as does all places. Due to my internet presence in this world in which we all live on this planet, the blue orb in space, I am in the larger group a sentient intelligent being that belongs to the species of earth.
What makes me somewhat different is my belief in one species on one planet in the larger scheme of things. I believe in the extraterrestrials that come and go from this planet and always have. I believe that God has many species in the Omniverse and that we are only one planet, one species, in one space in one place in this particular galaxy, in this particular universe. I think much larger and more expansive than even the greatest minds in the world. I do not mean this as a positive or negative to those who study the world psychology and profiles. 
How I mean this is that due to my own life experiences and observations, I have come to realize that I am simply essence with memories of prior lifetimes that include other places and other memories. What I should like to bring to this planet from my other past lives is that I also have memories of the Andromeda Galaxy which is the closest galaxy to this one called the Milky Way Galaxy. While knowing this personally, it is hard to explain to anyone else much less Stephen Hawking or Leonard Siskin, both wonderful minds in this world in which we presently reside. I also enjoy Michio Kaku and it is these three men I most admire in the world because they work so hard at trying to understand parts of what
I already know.
The hardest part about relating the future is to find common ground. I am not an academic scholar. I am not a master of anything much less doctorate level in education of any disciplines. I am always interested in education and I read and research all the time. I am always “ON” as the saying goes with “Brain Training”. I more than anything love people, places, and things, and was raised to think like the majority of Americans in the United States to believe as Christians meaning to believe in the icon and archetype personage, prophet, master, and Lord to most on this planet earth.
We believe in his life and teachings and the knowledge that there is one Omnipotent God and God Force that is beyond the macrocosm the highest Omniverse, and that this is outside the ALL and is ALL! We the majority of Christians in America believe that the Omnipotent one God sent to this planet his only son whom was sent as divine immaculate conception to his mother Mary, who was born of immaculate conception, to her mother Elizabeth. They have a history on earth of being sent to earth to prepare the way for all of us before, during, and after the presence of the one called Emmanuel, Jehovah, and Jesus.
We all practice cultural traditions to honor this memory because we realize that he was of extraterrestrial origin that lived in a place called heaven where there are many mansions in heaven. We believe in the divine prophecy books that were found and transcribed into English for us in what we now call the King James Version written in 1611 and brought to our country by our ancestors as our ancestor who brought forth a new nation on this continent.
We are all aware of all the various religions in the world and that they all have their stories just like our Bible stories. We realize the Bible is a Guide used to share the principles we are to live by in accordance with some laws of humankind. There are versus that should not be taken out of context and each book has an original author and later transcribers.
There are myths and legends that exist and there are many books that were not included in the King James Version. Many Christians have various levels of understanding about what the King James Version and the New World Translations of the Bible represent to them, their family, friends, congregations, communities, and churches. The people who live among us are actually the church.
We understand in the days of old in the time that these scriptures were written the various churches were written to by particular beings who were believers in the faith of the one man who became Jesus the Christ who lived and died for all our sins on this planet as we could not be perfect and live up to our creators expectations who wanted companionship and was alone as the Omnipotent one in the beginning.
We also understand that at one time, many people who lived upon the earth may have not been as mentally advanced, inspired, or understood the meaning of what this being allowed for all of us to learn to live by example and to be better for our future advancement.
We call the future advancement of our lives with the shifting and uplifting of our kind the Ascension. We believe that Jesus was the chosen one and was the one who volunteered to allow his heavenly father´s will to be done on earth as it is in heaven. In other words he was chosen because he volunteered to do a mission that would serve his father´s will and not his own. That was recognized when he was impaled on a cross that at the time was a normal way to end a beings life on earth as a crucifixion.
People were crucified in those days and he chose to come to earth so that we could learn a better way to be, do, and have, with faith, hope, charity, and the greatest part of us as essence as our spirit in a body and mind while we are here on this planet. He was our example to follow and therefore we know that the “ALL” sent him so that we could find a better way to the Omnipotent Omnipresence once again and have to suffer so much under the rulers of others in the past such as Caesar. The Christ consciousness at the time was all about render unto Caesar what is Caesar´s for on earth at the time that ruled would get his just due in time.
We all die.
We also may have future lessons to learn if we do not learn them here on the planet in this lifetime. We have learned to call Jesus our Lord and Savior on this planet because he chose us as essential spirits who would come in the future age after him and we who would choose him as a role model of a better life could choose his path. We would all recognize the way, the truth, and the light that he modeled. This is why we are called as his followers his people.
There were the chosen people who did believe in a God.
They also learned to worship inanimate objects such as created iconic bulls and such made out of gold. These people at one time saw others from another place in space that was also of God´s people come to this planet in spacecraft. We saw them take gold form this planet and wanted to become as they were since they were able to leave this planet. We have stories of the Annunaki and other stories of ancient astronauts in China, India, Mexico, Eurasia, and even in North America still known among our Native American Indians who were said to be some of the first people as tribes that walked this continent.
We are finding out that we at one time were all on one continent called Pangaea. We also are realizing that there was once a land called Mu, that later became known as Lemuria before the world could understand the place called Atlantis before the one continent started separating into separate tectonic plates. This will all become known while we raise our spiritual awareness.
This means to all of us as Christians that this perfect being came to earth as a divine essence and entered into a body-mind-spirit that we all have and showed us how to live. We are to follow his example as to how best to honor our father in heaven. In this day and time in 2010 soon to be 2011 on earth in what we call time, we are all learning to raise our awareness and consciousness and shift and uplift everyone in the entire world as one species.
We believe this was the divine plan.
Those of us who believe in the divine plan are aware of what we now refer to as the Ascension Age. This is a time when our planet will combine the knowledge of our minds with the efforts to control our body-mind-spirit units and vessels that we are all using and are all in various descriptions with different colors, ethnic origins, and some have different belief systems based on their demographics, cultures, and traditions of which they were born into. We have all learned that there are various manmade and some spiritually divine paths that were given at one time or another on earth. Some are thousands of years older than Christianity and some are much newer. We in the Ascension Center Organization believe they are all paths to the same place and understanding we call enlightenment.
Regardless of whom we are, where we live, what we look like and when and where we leave this planet, we shall all find a path that leads to our own ascension. Because of we choose to believe that our one “ALL KNOWING GOD” is the all in all of us as the spark, we believe this spark can be ignited with the Holy Spirit as the Holy Ghost and the breath of life that is in us all.
We can choose to live in the light.
We can choose to light and ignite that spark that gives us life with the breath that can come upon us as the fire that shall catch like a flame of the fire that burns inside us all. It is a metaphor for the eternal spiritual light in our entire DNA. The breath that comes upon us when we become enlightened about our true path and reason to become as the one extraterrestrial that came to earth as Immaculate Conception, lead a life as a teacher, and then gave his life for all of us who come to earth is now our Lord and Master of this planet. It was by the choosing to come to earth and show us the way back home to the eternal all that made his life and his ascension so special for us!
We have been asked on earth to learn of him and we are made with an inner knowing inside our own essence with the mind inside the brain to decide through our own spirits free will to exercise our free choice.
We honor this free will and free choice as the inner spirit and spark that no other being on earth can take from us. We are all created equal when it comes to this inner knowing and no other being can control the inner spark that was placed inside all of us as the spark of the creator and divine force we call life.  Faith, without it, we cannot exist with hope of the future worlds to come. We shall be a part of the future creations in the Omniverse. We are finding trial and error inside what we call the Xenoverse which is the unknown we all learn to explore inside our own minds.
We are the creation of the all as a microcosm inside the matrix we call reality. Our reality inside our brains has now gone to the next level to learn of our existence outside the universe.
We shall all accept our expansion inside the larger microcosm we call our universe.
Our expansion shall include the all that is constant in the change and flux we now call the multiverse which allows us to explore other dimensions and the branes of the metaverse.
The unknown is always the Xenoverse inside the Omniverse. We still have not learned of that which is the super conscious continental divide in our own minds from the original divine creators that must exist outside of the Omniverse which is our ultimate divine cosmos.
That which is always beyond our mental reach with our minds inside our brains is the Xeno or unknown. We will always have a vast amount of the Xenoverse separating us from the Outer Limits we call the Omnipresence outside our own Omniverse.

David Wilcock & Drake 2012-03-28 1-3 Mass Arrests – YouTube

David Wilcock & Drake 2012-03-28 1-3 Mass Arrests – YouTube:

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