Earth Day 2012: History of Earth Day

Earth Day 2012: History of Earth Day: This is celebrated April22, 2012 and we hope all will pay it forwrd and pass it on to all who need to know!

My daughter Angela Dawn Parrish just asked me “WHAT IS EARTH DAY?”

And I replied,

“Here let me read this to you!”

She said, “Yea, now I know what Earth Day is. I saw it on the calendar.”

She was born in 1968 during the 8 years it took to actually really organize the event from the time in 1962 when one person made a difference in the political arena for us all!

Please share and note that just like President Obama recognized how the past through the college students has helped create an interest in cause in Earth Day before we had computers and Internet that it was taking a political concern to the grass roots voters in the colleges has helped in the past win ideas over to the general public!

It is smart knowledge, understanding and wisdom such as this that models to us all that one person can make a difference and can share not only in our EARTH DAY for the entire GLOBAL COMMUNITY but in all affairs that can share “HEALTH & PROSPERITY FOR US ALL!”

Let’s now have an ASCENSION AGE as the GOLDEN AGE OF COSMOLOGY on 12-21-12 11:11
and share this with the Spiritual Work as Higher Consciousness for ALL!

Love and Light


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