Best Universe Size Comparison (HD) Pt. 4 – YouTube

Best Universe Size Comparison (HD) Pt. 4 – YouTube:

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Company – TJ Morris
A visionary and leading-edge Internet multimedia company social entrepreneur with expertise in audio, video and code as a content provider for the global community.
 As digital architects and content developers, we focus on products and services that monetize all types of content through aggregation, integration and syndication.
As a company, Ascension Center Enlightenment Community Organization was begun by TJ Morris tm ACIR sm, brands of Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris.
Our core strength lies in our ability to move easily between the realms of code and content, helping move media from the microphone to the iPhone as smart phone in the future of communication.
The technologies and digital solutions developed in the think tank and laboratories are content enablers designed to proactively unify fragmentation in the global marketplace through convergence, synergy and transformation of media and technology into the future of the Ascension Age as the Golden Age of Communication and Cosmology.
We develop from the premise that the old model does not scale — that it’s simply too labor intensive and expensive to meet the promising, fragmented micro-revenue models of today and the future.
 We figure if you have to store media, that one file should be automated to do everything else necessary to share and monetize it.
The result is a two-fold empowerment plan for the content holder: Save Money. Make Money.
With new digital philosophy, language and solutions,
Ascension Center Enlightenment Communication Media with ACE SOCIETY, and Alien ET UFO Community Social Networks, we have joined with the ACE FOLKLIFE and TJ Morris to arrive at making round the flat linear world of digital media into that of the vertical dimensional many omniverses.

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