Infinite Power
That which the Seeker becomes as a Seer.
That which a Truth seeker becomes as a Mage
“You have survived uncounted centuries. Your knowledge of magic is unparalleled. The primal forces of the universe quiver at your merest beckoning. What secrets await the mage who possesses such masterful knowledge? Death, beginnings, the wisdom of the Oracles – these are your quests now. Let none stand between you and the light of Ascension!”
The Book of Life
We share that which is able to be anewed in all lifetimes. We seek truth in wisdom. The key to the spiritual being for the soul’s growth and understanding in all playing levels of the universe, multiverse, metaverse, xenoverse, and omniverse. No soul is allowed outside of the Omniverse in this level of the birth-life-death and body-mind-spirit three dimensional world of essence in ascension sentient intelligent beings who are biological. Artificial Intelligence aka A.I. may be explored in Advanced Reseearch in the Super Fascicle of Exophenotypology of the alien ET spirit.
We have prepared a “Game of Life” with the Goal as Ascension into the Avatar.
Please decide carefully whether you want to pursue to Game of Life in the Matrix with others of your humanoid kind. We train the Spiritual Intellectuals to assist the humanoids spiritual beings who choose to come to earth. Those who volunteer their time to train new spirits in the three dimensional plane of birth-life-death as body-mind-spirit will be rewarded in the higher levels of the souls progression. As above so Below. We honor the Higher Supreme Beings by choosing to desire they will be done on earth as it is in heaven. This is our pledge to allow our Superiors to work their spiritual essence through us to shift and uplift humanity while on the lower places and planes as levels and dimensions throughout the Omniverse.
The lower levels begin when an essence is created and is chosen to be sent to the Guf of souls. This is where the exophenotypology begins.
Then the spirit is formed to accommodate the new soul.
From this point of origin one is formed into the spiritual essence plasma that exists in all things in all levels of life in the Beyond and in the Omniverse as the creators choose for the newly created form.
The levels are chosen First for the Neophytes is Level 1 the lowest level is the universe,
Level 2 multiverse,
Level 3 metaverse,
Level 4 xenoverse,
Level 5 Omniverse
Chapter One: Retrospect
This chapter tells us what drives a mage to be an Arch mage. The two most important things are Seeking and Avatar.
A Seeking, in game terms, is the quest or significant enlightenment, which allows you to go up one dot in Arête. These seeking are particularly tough once past six dots of Arête. To the player character, Seeking are tests administered by the Avatar. Basically your Avatar wants to Ascend, but it is unable to do that until you are true to yourself and learn from your mistakes. You need to seek-out enlightenment. Many Seeking focus on deep engrained personality traits and tiny flaws. Your Avatar knows these tiny flaws, and makes them your biggest problem. Even if the flaw kills you. Remember your Avatar can just go on to the next soul if it does not make it this around.
The Avatar section tells us what we already know about Avatars, but it does tell us more on how they interact with the mage and his Seeking. As you know the Avatar can be described in four ways Dynamic, Pattern, Primordial and Questing. These are not new to us, but they list a fifth Essence called Infinite. The Infinite essence is attained when a mage ascends or becomes an Oracle. His Avatar finds all the other three pieces of essence, puts them together, and in turn is whole with everything or infinite. What is an Avatar anyway? This does contradict the core book, but this explanation is better. The Avatar is essentially a shard of Prime energy tied to the awareness of a human soul. When that soul passes on the Avatar separates and can pick another soul. This process continues until it ascends. Does an Avatar think? Well they explain that to in detail. It kind of messes with your head.
Chapter Two: Threshold
Threshold answers the questions; what does it take to be an Arch mage? In addition, how does a Master know when she has become an Arch mage?
There are four prerequisites to being an Arch mage; responsibility, ambition, thirsts for knowledge, and power. I like the way they set this up, because it takes you even deeper into your characters psyche and really fleshes it out more. When you get down to it and ask these questions, you will find that they are not that easy to answer. If you play the character in the universe of Mage: The Ascension these questions are vital. Without responsibility for the power you wield others will kill you before you even start. With no ambition, you are stuck on the path. No knowledge and you do not know where to begin. Lastly, without power you are physically unable to make things happen.
This chapter also covers the different Degrees of Potential. The different levels of greatness and how they generally act. Covering Disciples, Masters, and Arch mages. They give reasons why some of the Masters in the Ascension War don’t go on to study to be Arch mages and why Arch mages don’t succeed in attaining there goals.
Chapter Three: Arch mastery
So now, you have attained the tile Arch master and are trying it on for size. There are some things you might want to think about first. This chapter covers being an Arch mage with the people around you. Who can forget mortal ties? The importance of friendship and family. Once an Arch mage, it is harder and harder to go back to Earth. The paradox will kill you if you are not careful. However, without some kind of friend or family to tie yourself to humanity you will most likely go crazy. After being out of touch with people for a long time, you forget how to talk and react with them. Human contact is the most important factor in being an Arch mage. So what do you do? Do you bring them to your horizon realm? Protect them from your enemies and even from time itself? How much paradox would that take? What are your options?
Supernatural ties are a little easier to have, but can get out of control much faster than regular sleepers. Other supernatural entities are a good place to get information and friendship. This section gives the approachable super naturals from all occupations (and death). The trick in dealing with other super naturals is not to be caught up in their schemes and plots. An Arch mage as an ally who does not know she was an ally could come in handy for a vampire. Warning there is a lot of crossover stuff from other games so get over it.
Quest and Tasks is a section I thought would come in handy to mention. How does an Arch mage learn after she has surpassed her teacher? After all the books in Horizon are read? Other Arch mages do not have the time to teach. Nevertheless, Exemplars, if you can understand them, do. Shard Realms are gone over very well. How to talk to a God is in here. The subtle touch and sledgehammer methods of casting magic are quickly discussed. However, that is all Earth stuff. When dealing in the Umbra, no holes barred, things get exciting.
Resonance is the accumulated inertia of a mage’s workings. The more powerful you are the more Resonance around you. Resonance is gone through to the nth degree.
The book does not explain Paradox very well, but once you sift through the garbage surrounding the rules it is complete. It explains a lot, but adds more questions to the pool. There is a neat little spell that lets you cut out the parts of your body with Paradox and through it away.
Places of Power, shows us why it is so hard to step sideways. Expanded information on Null Zone, a place were magic does not work. There is information on realms of pure thought called Epiphanies, and personal pocket realms in the Umbra called Steadings.
Chapter Four: Ascension
The ultimate goal for most mages is of course, ascension. One big factor it seems in achieving ascension is immortality. This part of the book goes through some ways to achieve it. The coolest immortality trick that they come up with is static rebirth. This does not keep you alive forever, but it does ensure that you are as you where when you are born again. Your old body is repaired and comes back around while your spirit hangs around and then returns. Like a mummy.
There is also a big section on Exemplars, Godhood and Oracles that should be read carefully. It gives great insight on how these three very powerful beings relate, act and ascend.
So, let us say you want to ascend. First, you have to make a plan.
There are two widely accepted plans. The first is to go with the Traditions and second is to go with the Technocracy. The Traditions have a plan of individual ascension and the Technocracy have a plan of Unification of Global Awakening. It is very cool to see how different even the Traditions are from each other.
This chapter will also give you the actual character creation steps for a young Arch mage. There are also new merits and flaws. In addition, to conclude, I want to give you a taste of what is out there, so this is a list of ninth level spheres.
Correspondence No limits; you can go anywhere regardless of barriers or wards e.g. the Gauntlet, Horizon; all space is truly one space.
Entropy True Destiny; can see the Tellurium in it is every changing ways. You see all infinite possibilities and know which one will happen. You can also change a beings Destine by rising, lowering or hide it altogether.
Forces Alter Universal Forces; can manipulate the interaction of the Shenti; can change how a universal force functions, or invent an entirely new force; “This is the Force of Thon, which removes the distinctions of gender.”
Life Perfect Immortality; only through the mage’s will can her Life Pattern be affected; mage’s Pattern sustains itself regardless of perceived damage; the mage simply expands her Life Pattern to tie directly to the Tellurian.
Matter Subjective Reality; creates Matter Patterns that respond to etheric Patterns, like Mind and Spirit.
Mind One Mind; access to all minds; total intuition; Mind exists independently in the flow of the universal Mind.
Prime Expel Base Paradox/Create Universe; mage can toss Paradox off into the ether; can create a pocket Universe.
Spirit Awaken Avatar; the power to forces an Avatar to Awaken.
Time Exist Apart from Time; view the time line as a whole from beginning to end; watching the Armageddon clock; his Pattern’s entire span of existence is fused into a single “moment that encompasses the whole age



<p>We are going to learn that which our ancestors knew and many of us have forgotten in the critical mass consciousness. It is up to the Avatar Ascension Masters to put back on earth that which we have forgotten in our overall ACE FOLKLIFE.</p>
<p>We are a young humanoid species. We are learning about how to share one planet with those outside of our own unit, vessel, array.</p>
<p>Presently we treat each other as self-contained unit vessels, which are biological in nature. We all tend to desire that which we cannot have and we create a passion for things that exist outside of our own units.</p>
<p>That which is considered the basics to sustain life are of course food, and water, or the reverse as 1 and 2. The third (3) thing we as humanoids require on this planet is shelter. Shelter from the harsh elements such as the solar rays from the sun and the freezing cold temperatures. Those who are our ancestors knew this and chose to seek out the areas of the world that would best sustain life with all of these conditions met. We then learned we needed number four (4) protection. We learned that in order to sustain our species we had to protect our kind in order to procreate. This is how the four basic elements of our species intelligence graduated in steps or levels. We learned about the need for fire and soon learned that we preferred our meat cooked. We were given teeth to eat with in order to survive. We learned what plants we could eat and what meat to kill to sustain our humankind. All the animals and plants in this kingdom were given along with all the fowl of the sky in order for our humankind to survive. We are certainly like pets for those who are higher in intelligence.</p>
<p>We have always believed as a critical mass consciousness in the divine intelligent design. Some would now have us believe otherwise. I am here to share that there are other more intelligent life forms and we are told to respect the hierarchy in order for us to share and sustain our species on planet earth.</p>
<p>We of the Ascension Center are of like minds and have lived before. We have lived before and have memories that allow us to know of our past lives. It is not a requirement to join our group of like minded spirits but in our world we plan on finding out tribes at this time on this planet.</p>
<p>We are going into the next age, which is about abundance with health and prosperity for all humankind. We are to base this on Tectonic Economics in both sustenance in communication. For instance, we plan to share the Internet and World Wide Web.</p>
<p>In order to share information, the information that I send our from my location based on longitude and latitude coordinates is now my physical address on this planet. We are to all have a location and it will be based on our Global Positioning System.</p>
<p>We shall also send out the Content Providers and the storage will be based on continents. In other words, what I have on this continent will be stored here and if someone in JAPAN wants to see, what I create it will be first send to a storage unit in that country and then will be kept there for a person who wanted it. This is the beginning of archive retrieval systems of the World Information Network or WIN. I began this personally through my sharing of information when I received the Ascension Center. It was about 1990 when I expected to be able to talk to my computers and wanted my office in Hawaii to speak with my office in LA, Atlanta, and New York. My mind was ahead of progress on this planet and apparently being a Time Traveler I miscalculated our knowledge with computers.</p>
<p>This is what I learned about myself. That being in two places at once and knowing what I know as an Avatar Master with memories of one location and sharing them with the other side of the METAVERSE was not yet happening in the 20th century on earth.</p>
<p>I had made myself transparent to those who worked for me on computers and in my physical life so I had to make changes. I had to leave that period and return from Hawaii to the Mainland and lay low so to speak until time once again reached me in the future of which I thought I had arrived. This is hard for most of our sentient intelligent being species to believe so they will believe this to be fiction. I have many past lives and I have known that what I shared would change this world. This is because of my heritage and my mission to return to this planet.</p>
<p>I have returned from the dead on more than one occasion and not just in this body. My daughter GIGI who goes by SYZYGY in this lifetime has also learned to return but she is still considered a young soul in this life thereby being a child in the other part of my metaverse. She is my child in this lifetime. She can assist me with shifting and uplifting human consciousness but I was told there was a divine plan and time frame.</p>
<p>Those who are to learn how to manipulate time in the future are not too learn too fast or we will have a repeat performance of the life we created in ATLANTIS.</p>
<p>We have for lack of better working words GODS and GODDESSES above. I must explain that they are the Supreme High Council and I cannot explain this any better than to say there are 12 both of the male and female array. There is a woman over this quadrant in this universe at this level.</p>
<p>It will take us a long time to understand what I am to teach as a Teacher and to some a Prophetess. We will use the ways of the past because they have worked well. It was always the MESSENGERS and not the SOLDIERS who usually received the changes to occur. Once a soldier did receive a vision and he changed the world. His name was Constantine. Some of you may have heard of him. </p>
<p>Then one Jesus came and he prepared the way for the higher dimensions to be understood and this has been left up to the word and work of the Folklife once again. The plays for power in the Game of Life have taken over from time to time and the critical mass population has allowed certain ways to happen. We are those who tend to forget quite easily that for which we came here for or our mission on this planet.</p>
<p>This is a paradise, oasis, garden of Eden to some, and to others simply a planet to explore and research. Then we have those who come to learn combat. Our world here has been separated in time to accommodate the spirits who desire to come here.</p>
<p>We have allowed a time calendar in the higher Metaverse that filters down from the Omniverse through the Xenoverse.</p>
<p>It is to assist us in keeping order among the younger spirits who come to learn about how to use their spirits and they are spiritual children. This is considered a playground for our young child universes.</p>
<p>Each unit will grow up to be a male God or a female Goddess and will rule their own planet. When they can do this, they will learn to grow up a level and learn to become part of the galactic council in the family of galaxies that exist in this universe. Some spirits can only think this high because they are young spirits.</p>
<p>Then there are the older more intelligent and longer life living in the space-time continuum and these are the ones who learn to govern universes. They are chosen. </p>
<p>From that level in the Multiverse where the universes exist, they are all taught the higher level of creating order out of chaos. Chaos was the beginning Father and then split to create Mother in the Omniverse level. They govern the areas that are new in the X zone of creation that is where the XENOVERSE is located just before we reach the entire Omniverse our outer perimeter of this Omni. The Omni are all Gods and Goddesses at the Supreme High LEVEL. We are not allowed to venture outside of the OMNIVERSE as souls without training to the other BEYOND. We are told that it has always been and we are not allowed to venture outside in our essences due to the lack of protection from being expanded into nothingness at that level. Therefore the forbidden zone in the vast wilderness of space is created as the XENOVERSE.<br /><br />
We all train above and below this XENOVERSE.</p>
<p>For now, it is up to me to offer the information as it comes to me. I am a channel of energy from the highest Supreme High Council who is considered God and Goddess. Due to the Supreme High Council that exist on this side of the Xenoverse they are located in the Metaverse.</p>
<p>In order for me to return to the outer layer of the Omniverse I must train and learn the various levels of managing all the laws of physics and metaphysics in this level. I am an Avatar Ascended Master and this is my ninth (9th) life on this planet. I have returned and I know that it does not get easier.</p>
<p>We have various levels of existence in all our levels above. There are those who are at the God and Goddess level in training. Those who Mentor the Younger Demi Gods, and there are those who act as Angels including all the levels of Guardians. Some are Messengers, and some are Warrior Angels. They serve those above in the Supreme High Council who are allowed to serve at the most high Gods side in the round table that exists in the higher planes.</p>
<p>We are to learn how to behave, observe, and explore here and in return, we learn to enjoy our senses such as our senses. We learn to enjoy the air, wind, water, and fire. We learn to enjoy the taste of food and drink. We have the freedom of space and freewill while we are here but only for a short time in the level and dimension of three (3). This is why we have a time frame on our unit vessel array of a human life span. It is up to us to learn how to manage our time and learn to take care of our individual units while here. Some of us are here to take care of the younger spirits sent here to this place. To some it is a chore to maintain the young spirits and if appears to me more like a day care center. Others maintain the animals and this becomes a zoo. We even have a quantum zoo for our smallest quarks.</p>
<p>There are four (4) quarks at this time discovered on this planet.</p>
<p>We are in the precession years and it is time that we learn to rediscover our past and our future.</p>
<p>It is time to awaken the sleepers and this is why I chose to return once again. I am the instigator or being who chose to come here to welcome or herald in the new Ascension Age. I have been working on since I was assigned the position on January 27, 1974 a chosen task. To those of you who have an awakening experience, there is always a feeling of a higher purpose. I am here to assist each of you find that higher purpose. I am a Guardian Angel on one level of the entire human race. In another light and lifetime, I am considered a Demi Goddess. There are many lifetimes and steps, levels, and dimensions.</p>
<p>It will now be up to me to ask for other spiritual intellectual souls to accept their past lives and to recognize their gifts, talents, and passions so that we can direct the future.</p>
<p>Those who will need direction will now be coming to me at the Ascension Center Organization, the ET spirit Organization, or the more down to earth workers with the TJ Those at the are the scribes, teachers, librarians, and computer geeks so to speak.</p>
<p>Those in the ET SPIRIT Organization are already aware of their spiritual levels and have done much of their spiritual work already to know that they are extraterrestrial spirits with a connection to another place in space in this galaxy or another. I have spoken to others from Andromeda Galaxy with whom all want peace for this planet. They are always assisting others who are from other galaxies and they serve as the Ambassadors in this universe. I have had a life there and am considered a warrior and commander there although I am a communication officer here on this planet this time around. I am assigned warriors who are now considered my bodyguards of spirit as those who protected me in the ancient world called Knights Templars. I was once one of them as well so I understand their loyalty to my father in heaven for “ONE FOR ALL AND ALL FOR ONE!” This is their mission in life this time as what is now called “FREEMASONS and ROSICRUCIANS.”<br /><br />
We have those who are peaceful and yet will give their life for me and the SPIRIT of the Esprit de corps I carry of GOD and Mother Goddess who we do not speak her name out of reference and because our Father has asked us at the Demi God not to reveal to the younger spirits who come here for fear of their ignorance and blasphemy.</p>
<p>There are many now who are called to service as BAHAI from the past teachers of the ancient world religions of EUROPE. This faith in the ASCENSION CENTER was intentionally began with me in HAWAII the past home of one of my lifetimes in LEMURIA or what we called MU!</p>
<p>From there I had a life in ATLANTIS and then ONE IN THE REGION of THE VIKINGS and I WAS IN IRELAND, AND IN EGYPT. I was born again as a child who was unknown and kept secret and taken to FRANCE.</p>
<p>From their I died and returned as a Knight Templar to protect my father’s shroud for this time now in the future for when I agreed to return to explain my actions. The Shroud of TURIN is real and it will be those who believe in the Ascension Age and the Ascension Center that will change this world for the good of all with ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL once again. We are seen as one young species on this planet and once again, we must learn about all the ancient high councils and history so that we can accept the future in our present lives while we are here.</p>
<p>God Bless AMERICA and THE WORLD! We are the World! TJ </p>
<p> BY DR SANJAY JAIN<br /><br /></p>
<p>Physics seeks to know nature through the study of matter, energy and their interactions and the laws of physics are often termed as laws of nature. Thus, physics had been studied as a philosophy of nature since antiquity. Jain scriptures too provide us interesting insights into physics and metaphysics.<br /><br />
In physics, the physical attributes of matter, such as size, shape, weight and color are studied using experimental observations and their interpretation through theoretical models. For example, the observation that an object thrown up comes down is explained based on model of gravity. The research endeavors in physics are aimed at bringing to fore secrets of nature using the existing knowledge in physics, i.e., physics is used to unlock more physics.<br /><br />
There are striking similarities between what we know today through physics and what is available in Jain scriptures. For example, the natural phenomena like propagation of sound and scattering of light have almost similar explanations. The use of the word pudgal for matter by Jain seers brings forth their fundamental understanding of atomic unifying basis of all matter that compares well with what we know from physics. Pudgal is a combination of puran (fusion) and Galan (fission) and thus explains the various states of matter and the myriad variety of materials around us. Mahavira’s Anekantawad and Einstein’s theory of relativity share many ideas in common and can be looked upon as philosophical / scientific translation of each other.<br /><br />
The metaphysical philosophy of Jainism is centered around the sharp distinction between the characteristics of the’ knower’ and the ‘known’. Knower, also termed as chetan, atman, self or soul, has characteristics explicitly different than those of the known, also termed as pudgal, jad, achetan or matter.<br /><br />
The knower, according to Jainism, does not possess any of the attributes of matter. It has no shape, size, weight or color. It thus transcends the boundaries of physics and falls outside the realm of physics. It becomes a subject of metaphysics. The founding principle of Jainism is that knower cannot be known physically as it does not follow physical laws. It is beyond any physical means of detection because it is nonphysical or metaphysical. According to Jainism mind, intellect and psyche are also not the knower but can be considered its reflections.<br /><br />
The attributes of the knower are richly discussed in Jain scriptures. They are knowledge, experience, belief and potency. However, these attributes should be understood in their proper perspective. Knowledge and experience here means stoic beholding and perception of things as they are in time and space. This knowledge is somewhat different than the one we generally understand and is gathered through mind’s eye, e.g., scientific knowledge. A knower is also termed as dnyata–drishta for this reason.<br /><br />
The presence of knower in a body means the presence of perception ability. The body that houses the knower is physical and thus obeys laws of physics. Branches of physics such as biophysics or medical physics deal, respectively, with the physics of life in general and physics of human bodies in particular. The sense organs through which we take the world in, i.e., know about it, are highly evolved and sophisticated physical systems. We normally tend to attribute perception to these organs but Jainism accords perception to them because of presence of chetan, i.e., the knower in them. Just as spectacles aid seeing but do not see by themselves, organs aid perception but do not perceive by themselves.<br /><br />
Thus, when one dies body exists but cannot perceive. In a dead body, eyes cannot see, ears cannot hear, nose cannot smell, skin cannot feel and tongue cannot taste because not all these perceptions are attributes of a physical body. They are attributes of the soul that has left the body and hence organs fail to perceive. The body that houses the self-takes birth, grows and dies. During its existence, it follows all the laws of physics. However, the metaphysical soul is immortal and imperishable, i.e., it existed before birth and will continue to exist beyond death. It neither grows nor decays.<br /><br />
The knower and the known thus form two mutually exclusive worlds. The world of known is the world of physics where we have amassed huge knowledge of things that can be known. Nevertheless, in this world the knower becomes unknown as it is out of focus. But the interesting paradox is that knower cannot be in focus as it is engaged in knowing. Soul Spirituality is a journey of disengaging the knower from the world of physics and engaging the knower in knowing or realizing the self.<br /><br />
Both physicists and spiritualists pursue research in their worlds with openness, honesty and dedication and bring forth their revelations. In physics, the revelations take the form of discoveries and inventions reported in research papers and seminars. The scriptures and sermons bring forth the revelations of self – realization by spiritualists and saints. Thus all that can be discovered (i.e., passes the test of physics) is either a part of existing physics or will be a future output of research in physics but the discovery of discoverer will alone lead to the spiritual progress of a discoverer.<br /><br />
In Jainism, the attachment with pudgal is considered to be at the root of all disharmonies and binds one to the perpetual cycle of birth and death. Thus, the disciples are enjoined upon to detach from the outer world and make a journey into the inner world with a goal of self – realization by following the three-fold path discussed in the following.<br /><br />
The dawning of the reality that chetan and pudgal are explicit is called samyak dnyan (right knowledge). Firm belief in this knowledge is called samyak darshan (right belief) and conduct that will lead to complete self – realization is called samyak charitra (right conduct).<br /><br />
Though chetan dwells in all life, its powers seem to be weakened due to attachment with pudgal. It is like covering an intense source of light by a thick cover and asking where the light is. The purest soul is the one that is liberated from the bondage pudgal. The purest soul is thus referred to as a state of ‘kewal dnyan’ i.e., ‘only knowledge’. It is a state of bliss, omniscience, omnipotent and omnipresence. In this state knowledge is not ‘acquired’ through senses, i.e., acquiring knowledge is not a process. This state is somewhat like a mirror in which the knowledge of all reality in space and time reflects and which thus ends all ignorance and curiosity that are the prerequisites for ‘acquiring’ knowledge.       </p>