Some call life on earth the Matrix. Web, grid, matrix are basically just words. It is the meaning that gives the connotation of time and reality. The explanations may not be accurate enough for the common reader with an eighth grade education but that was the level of knowledge restored to readers by the government levels set in time before I became a technical writer on earth. The web can be considered the Electronic Internet Web (EIW) or it can be much more in the spiritual sense of the word web. I am about sharing how to bend time as a time traveler that believes in extraterrestrials, unidentified flying objects, and God. Let me explain why. First we have to all want to live and learn. Living to learn is the basic ingredient of what we do and who we are as individual units. We call these units at this time body-mind-spirits or intelligent beings belonging to the bi-peddle species.
We use the Web for being human. The web is a grid in space time that houses all matter. Matter can be related to light, dark, antimatter, particles, ultraviolet, sound, magnetic pulses, energy, god particle, and all that is or ever will become. This is a broad spectrum of theory of analysis. Throwing thoughts out to the universe is part of the web and is caught in what we now refer to as a space time grid of the ET UFO GOD. Sounds like some science fiction words. Let me explain. There will be many lessons forthcoming that we have to understand before we can get past the string theory. Many of the people who are not interested in life, matter, space time continuum and cannot understand the language created by scientists will have to use the word God for the understanding they will get from these goods and service upon delivery. There is no guarantee that what this writer intended to convey in communication was accepted with the same meaning and terms by the receiver.
The basic energy from one unit to another can be sent as a sending unit. The basic energy of the one unit that is receiving can be seen as a receiving unit. There are other parts of the mathematical equation in algorithms that has to be considered that does effect the source of all things, including time in the grid or web of which all the met verses as met verses or multiverses exist. We must first realize that our way of being and thinking is based on what our species created long before we came to earth. The thought process of sending and receiving energy became linear or on a time line created by others. This was based on how the world seems to change based on the location in space. The earliest of our species kept up with change on earth based on nature and how their need to fulfill certain basic needs were met. The ones who came to earth before us and in the oldest terms of reality that are kept in the oral and written laws, stories, and rules were of the hunters and gatherer types.
We referred to the oldest known beings in various terms and words in what we now refer to as anthropology and archaeology. I work in an area called ontology. The meaning of being in words. Therefore, words are tools of my trade in order to communicate as a technical writer for teaching in art, culture, education, and folklife.
Words cause explosions of neurons, protons, electrons, and chemicals firing at the synapses of brains that work where we keep our minds and thoughts.
We can thank our religions on earth for assisting us to get this far in life with words and time. It was the monks at one time on earth that borrowed from the Greeks and brought the dripping water clocks into their lives during the Middle Ages so they would know when certain prayers were to be performed.
Clocks were made from sun dials as the sun crossed the sky, water dripping slowly from a vessel, and even candles burning through markers. Then there were the balance wheels weights and pendulums. We then had a breakthrough from the mechanical wheels into quartz clocks which have electronically induced vibrations of quartz crystal. This is not all that we use quartz crystal for because we use it in sound and in laser technology but that is another story. It was approximately 1949 two years before I came to earth that atomic clocks were accepted with microwave resonance as atoms and now here I am. The Book called Boom Goes Sonic Reality is just one achievement you are reading now as the future optical atomic clock of ultraviolet resonance of atoms while we bend time and thoughts to explain the future. There will be time on earth that will allow us to feel the future in ways that we can understand the way that life is to become in the next evolution of our species.
There are those of us knowing that we are part of the inventions that have not yet been done. We are part of whatever the mind can believe and conceive it can achieve. I am here to assist everyone in improving communication of space navigation and science, physics, and technology with a new way to think in the WEB. We are all here to be a part of those spirits that will descend to earth in the future. We are the creators working together as spirit synergistically as one unit.
God can be anything one wants God to be. God can be an acronym for Good on Delivery. God is a real part of each being, each unit of energy. God is what holds our thoughts together inside of our body-mind-spirit. God is so much more than what we have been led to believe on earth. God is a word with the meaning of all.
The story of GOD has been one that has never dissipated as energy. God then we can accept as the one word that has the most powerful meaning on earth. The second most powerful word is the Holy Spirit. For those who were brought up and programmed to believe in a religion, most will have some type of familiarity as to what the Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost means to their family and friends. Each culture and peer group has their own way of understanding words that are used in common.
When we speak of God, the energy becomes exhilarated. There are beings that do not believe in a God or the word God but when one mentions the word God even an atheist will feel the charge the energy that flows forth to and from the person speaking the word to the world. The energy that is charged in the word GOD is the most powerful word we own in the world today. There are over 2 names for the word God on this planet we call earth and counting. Yes, we are still inventing new ways to speak the meaning of the word God. I say God is an alien in an essay or story for an electronic magazine on the Internet for UFO Digest and it’s owner Dirk Vander Ploeg and there were comments that were filled with positive and negative words. Words that had meaning. Words that had emotions.
Just like time on earth regarding how we live on a daily basis, there are words that affect all of us on a daily basis. Words are for most beings on earth how we communicate. Words represent our spirit and our souls when we use them. Words are our way of communicating with one another. Words are how old and sustaining stories come to life. Words are what can give credence to our souls in life. The surface of our own atmosphere can be changed with the way we dress up our physical bodies.
Words can be dressed up as well. The surface of who we are, what we are, when we are, where we are, why we are, and sometimes how much energy we are can be deceiving to others. The Cradle of Civilization Book is the promise that will shake up the source of what life represents to those who lived a memorable life on earth. Most of us will never achieve the level of existence that Jesus or Mohamed did while here on earth. They were said to be chosen mouthpieces of prophets of God. Free speech is a wonderful part of our being that goes with free will. Then there is free choice the freedom to choose. Otherwise, we could not function as separate units of energy or spirit in a body-mind-spirit vessel of containment unit.
God is where the body-mind-spirit meets the mind. Jesus once said that it was the mind that stands between the spirit and the physical body. Let me say that he said it and meant this in a time when people were trying to grasp what he was teaching about people above earth. It was a challenging and daunting task. Teachers that have come and gone in the body-mind-physical form on earth are sometimes referred to as seers and avatars. Some are said to be obtaining information where they visit in meditation while still existing in body-mind-spirit on earth. They do this with their spirit energy. The spirit energy is the one part of God that flows in all of us. God is the word accepted as the part of us that deals with the Holy Spirit. Jesus was predicted as the coming of God to earth once again. It was passed down as a story on earth in oral and written form that there would be a time when those in heaven or celestial stellar space would return to earth to walk with our species.
Many people who know me as a psychic, seer, oracle are happy to share their time with me. We don’t speak of God. We speak of time. Time now is about mind bending and bending time. There is only way that I will be available to assist others in the future and that is on the Internet Computer. At one time in life I was trying to explain to others in business how computers worked before they existed. This made others look at me funny. I got into a time slot where I forgot my manners and did not remember what time frame I was in as a time traveler. I was in Honolulu, Hawaii and needed my corporation computer to speak to the computers in my office in Los Angeles, New York and Atlanta. I had others in Dallas that needed to know what I desired in the eco-fashion business that I had created. I was giving orders to my accountant who was adding software and a modem to my computer in 1990. He was listening to me explain how it could be done and it made sense to him. He forgot what he was supposed to be doing charging me an hourly fee and began listening to my needs and what I expected of him and my computer. He then after being considerably intrigued explained to me that I was ahead of my time and that what I asked was not possible. I asked him why not and he explained to me that what I desired had not been invented yet. He explained to me that he had heard from very secretive reliable sources that is was in the making and said I must have heard the same thing since I worked for the government at the time. This was a wake up call to me. I had once again crossed over in my mind and in time where mind bending thought effects space and time in my own world.
We all have a world in which we live. I call mine the TJ Morris Media World for obvious reasons. This is not accurate enough but it serves the purpose when one has to relate to others in real time about thoughts that are non-existent in their public lives. My restless soul sometimes connects the dots before they are ready to be connected and revealed to outside sources in my world. Sometimes I get anxious and want to speed up my reality on this planet. I sometimes forget that change takes time.
For those that want more in the TAKEN UP Series presented by myself and Dirk Vander Ploeg, one will simply have to tune in. This idea was from others before Dirk wanting me to tell my story on how I became a psychic medium oracle while being visited by aliens making me a contactee. The book that American Book Publishers is sending me a contract for is based on all my alien contact experiences. Added to these of course will be the last chapter that speaks of UFO Digest and how I became known in the public eye as an Alien Contactee in the ET UFO paranormal community. The readers of mine are getting to know me as a being first hand by reading the articles I write. This is a good way to get a feel for a spirit that abides on earth with another while here in this plane of existence. Savor the moments we have should be understood. Living to learn and learning to live is the task up for grabs by us all. After all the one thing we all have in common is energy synergistically spiritually as one as in God.

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